[FRC Blog] 2014 Game Hint

I was referencing the first number of each pair.

99.99999999% sure this is not it, but if you divide the numbers, you get
455.362962963 6.44982170148 2.06643046944

If you make a date out of this, you get June 2nd, 445

The Vandals apparently sacked Rome on that date.

The gif Frank posted is named 333.gif.

If you search the first set of the updated numbers, 61474:135, on Google, you get an Aircraft Part:


Source: http://www.aerosup.com/THALES-AVIONICS/Aircraft-Part-Number-61474-135-1.aspx

No hits for the second or third sets of the updated numbers, though.

Like usual, everyone’s over thinking this. Need to read the blog post again:

Some folks on the GDC honestly thought the hint this year was going to be too easy.

If the GDC thought it was going to be easy, I think we should step back and try to solve the hint in the most simple method possible. We’ve had hints back in the day that were a lot harder to solve, and we solved them faster and more easily.

Steve Ralston, born 6-14-74, holds the MLS record for assists: 135.

Wayne Gretzky, born 1-26-61, holds NHL record for career assists: 1963.

John Stockton, born 3-26-62, holds the NBA assists record: 15806.

They also changed from using slashes to colons, claiming they formatted it to something we would recognize easier. And they used double 6’s in each of the last pairs.

Ok. That’s one of the most solid things we have. Lets go forward with this. Something to do with 135 on 6/14/74 and 15806 on 3/26/62

Born on the June date, 135 career assists. I don’t think this works too well though. He plays soccer.

EDIT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stockton

Born 3/26/62. 15,806 career assists in the NBA. Sounds like we have a pattern going.

Suggestion: Continue the discussion of the updated game hint on that respective FRC Blog post thread. That way, people don’t have to go through almost 800 replies of incorrect guesses and can start fresh with the new numbers. Thoughts?


Best idea in this thread!

Agreed. To the newer thread!!! cue batman scene change music:smiley:

If you image search “TRIPLE TACHYMETRIC INDICATOR” you get pictures of 3-dial wrist watches.

Hey all! Sorry if any of this has been seen already, but a bunch of things just clicked in my head and I want to get them out

I knocked the ratios down to decimal numbers, and I got(assuming I did my math right):

455.36, 6.45, and 2.07

Since there are 3 numbers, they could not possibly be used for coordinates, so I had to think, ‘what else could we use these decimal numbers for?’.

Then I saw the Dr Who image, so I started thinking about Tennant’s run.

Then I thought about The Library. The Dewey Decimal System.

Looking up those numbers, this is the categories that they reference:

455.36: Basic Grammar, specifically, Italian (probably irrelevant, that last bit)

6.45 is acoustical pattern recognition, and the only classification in the DDS below that is Speech Recognition (!!!). Consider the new abilities of the Microsoft Kinect 2.0 (then again, it is built into the system so…)

2.07 was just meta-book stuff. Not sure what to make of it.

So there’s that. I might be way off, but it’s something at least, right?

In the new numbers they kept the division of the numbers, you can express a division as / or : so this could be a kind of hint. :ahh:

Again, please continue the discussion of the updated game hint on the updated Game Hint thread.

61474:135, 12661:1963, 32662:15806

if we think of them as ratios and simplify them we get this.
1:455.3629, 1:6.4498, 1:2.0664

if we round we get
1:455, 1:6, 1:2

Those that ring a bell to anyone???

Listen to this person. The hint has already been figured out, most likely correctly, on the other thread, and it makes a lot more sense than any of the other guesses.
Edit: Well, figured out what the numbers mean. Not quite to the point of “Hint Solved” yet.

This is the answer, I’m almost positive! I knew that for this to be true, it had to sort of work for the original numbers too, so I went back to those. The second and third sets are almost identical in the old and new numbers, only the first number is shifted. ( from 61126/1963 to 12661:1963, and from 62326/15806 to 32662:15806). So that means it was originally YY-D-MM, instead of D-MM-YY as George used them.
So, back to the first set of numbers in the original ones, which was 8234/57. This means we’re looking for an athlete born on 82-3-4, or march 4th of 1982, who has a the record for career assists of 57. So, I searched athlete 3-4-82. I found Landon Donovan, a soccer player who was born on march 4th, 1982. He played many different teams, including the US National team. On the US team, he holds the record for the most career goals: 57! This cannot possibly be a coincidence. This is why it was iffy- it’s not an assists record, and why they replaced it with one for the same sport. They also fixed it to have the year last, as we more commonly express dates.

Now, what this means can vary. It could have to do with assists, or just the sports. I think it could mean that it’s a game with soccer balls, basket balls, and hockey pucks, or a game combining soccer and basketball played on regolith. Both sound awesome and terrifying at the same time.