[FRC Blog] 2018 FIRST Championship Layouts

Posted on the FRC Blog, 4/6/18: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2018-first-champs-houston-detroit-layout

2018 FIRST Championship Layouts

Written by Toby Clarke, Program Manger, *FIRST *Robotics Competition, 2018 APR 05.

If your team is one of the over 800 headed to the *FIRST *Championship in Houston or Detroit, we are really looking forward to seeing you there! We would like to share some additional information regarding the layout and plans of the venues.

This year the six competition fields at each location will be arranged end to end with the pits either to the right of the fields in Houston or behind the fields in Detroit as shown in the drawings below. This will create exciting simultaneous action on adjacent fields while providing excellent sight lines from the bleacher seating on both sides.

Pits at both sites will have unique pit addresses in the range of A01 to I60 to make it easy for teams, spectators, sponsors, judges, and visitors to find a team’s pit location. The letter represents the street and the numeral is the specific pit in ascending order with odds on the left and evens on the right. Final sub-divisions and pit addresses are not assigned until the day before each event so that we may capture as many late changes as possible. Remember the FIRST Championship app is the best place to find this up to date info for your team.

Houston Layout

Houston Pits

Detroit Layout

Detroit Pits Layout

Good luck for the rest of the season! Safe travels and we will see you soon.

It’s certainly going to be a long walk for Carver and Newton teams. What’s new. it’s good to see that the center “pre Einstein” fields have extra seating. Should be fun.

Completely unfair. All the teams with mentor built glutes will have a huge advantage /s

Layouts look good for this year. The extra seating for the center fields makes me very happy.

As opposed to the St. Louis walk… this is cake.

Just saying, my team called dibs on E30 in Detroit.

Oof. That’s going to suck for any teams with long distance travel trying to make load in plans.

I guess we’ll have to settle for E32 across the aisle, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

how does division assignment work? Are teams randomly assigned before worlds or is it based on some system?

It’s mostly random, with each division having the same number of rookie teams.

And you will generally know about a week beforehand I think. Check https://frc.divisions.co/ it will tell you when they’re out.

edit: don’t listen to me

Except that’s not what Frank said…

Final sub-divisions and pit addresses are not assigned until the day before each event

Honestly all this talk of championships layout just makes me more excited to find out what division my team’s going to be in!

Wow, that is a big change. Having a hard time understanding it.

I missed that and made an assumption based on last year, thanks for the gracious correction

In the years of the tentative match schedule release, have they had to reroll from a team not showing up? Or maybe the goal is to give more time for last-second adds?

2015 Carson.

Wasn’t that 2016, when 1625 made it to St. Louis on less than 24 hours’ notice?

Yep, it was 2016 Carson.

I may be hung up on the word “final”. Hopefully preliminary division assignments and match schedules will still be available in advance.

Anyone know if pits will be 10’x10’?