FRC Blog - 2018 Motor Controllers and MXP

With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, we know teams are going to be hard at work on budgets, plans, and purchases to get ready for FIRST POWER UP. To help you make informed decisions, we wanted to give a sneak peak into the 2018 Game Manual and let you know what actuator controllers, MXP boards, and motors will be legal this season. We have two new legal actuator controllers this year, and one tweak to the legality of an existing device. We also have two new legal motors, in addition to the complete list from last season. For a complete list of legal devices, scroll down toward the end of the blog.

Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller
The “controller” part of the Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller is one of the two newly approved actuator controllers for 2018 (it’s also one of the two new motors). We’ve covered this device in a previous blog, so if you want more details you can read about it there.

Victor SPX
The other new device for 2018 is the Victor SPX from VEX Robotics and CTR Electronics. The Victor SPX takes all of the features of the Victor SP and adds CAN bus connectivity, unlocking some features from the Talon SRX such as Voltage Control mode (attempts to maintain constant output voltage with varying input). For complete details, check out the product page on the VEX Robotics website.

CAN Jaguar
The Jaguar motor controller is the device having its legality tweaked for 2018. While Jaguars will still be legal to use on your robot, they will only be allowed to be controlled using PWM. With data showing extremely limited usage of CAN Jaguars in 2017, we decided to clean up some code, the manual, and inspection by dropping this support for 2018.

Complete 2018 Actuator Controller List

  1. Motor Controllers
  • DMC 60 Motor Controller (P/N: 410-334-1)
  • Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller to control integral actuator only (P/N 840205-000, am-3740)
  • Jaguar Motor Controller (P/N: MDL-BDC, MDL-BDC24, and 217-3367)
  • SD540 Motor Controller (P/N: SD540x1, SD540x2, SD540x4, SD540Bx1, SD540Bx2, SD540Bx4, SD540C)
  • Spark Motor Controller (P/N: REV-11-1200)
  • Talon Motor Controller (P/N: CTRE_Talon, CTRE_Talon_SR, and am-2195)
  • Talon SRX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-8080, am-2854, 14-838288), equipped with firmware version 0.28 or newer if using via PWM. See R77 if using via CAN.
  • Victor 884 Motor Controller (P/N: VICTOR-884-12/12)
  • Victor 888 Motor Controller (P/N: 217-2769)
  • Victor SP Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9090, am-2855, 14-868380)
  • Victor SPX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9191, 17-868388)
  1. RelayModules
  • Spike H-Bridge Relay (P/N: 217-0220 and SPIKE-RELAY-H)
  1. Pneumatics Controllers
  • Pneumatics Control Module (P/N: am-2858, 217-4243)

The MXP approved board list remains the same as the 2017 season:

  • Kauai Labs navX MXP
  • RCAL MXP Daughterboard
  • REV Robotics RIOduino
  • REV Robotics Digit Board
  • WCP Spartan Sensor Board
  • Huskie Robotics HUSKIE 2.0 Board

In addition to the Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller (mentioned above) being legal, there is also a new motor from AndyMark, the am-3775 AndyMark Redline Motor, that will be legal as well. More information on that motor is coming soon on the AndyMark website.

The complete list of 2018 legal electric actuators:

  • CIM (FR801-001, M4-R0062-12, AM802-001A, 217-2000, PM25R-44F-1005, PM25R-45F-1004, PM25R-45F-1003, PMR25R-45F-1003, PMR25R-44F-1005, am-0255)
  • West Coast Products RS775 Pro (217-4347)
  • Banebots (M7-RS775-18, RS775WC-8514, M5-RS550-12, RS550VC-7527, RS550)
  • AndyMark 9015 (AM-0912)
  • VEX BAG (217-3351)
  • VEX mini-CIM (217-3371)
  • Andymark PG (am-2161, am-2765, am-2194, am-2766)
  • Snow Blower Motor (am-2235)
  • AndyMark NeveRest (am-3104)
  • Andymark RedLine Motor (am-3775)
  • Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor (am-3740)
  • Select Automotive Motors (Window, Door, Windshield wiper, Seat, Throttle) (various PN)
  • Electrical solenoid actuators, no greater than 1 in. (nominal) stroke and rated electrical input power no greater than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)
  • Hard drive motors or fans that are: included in any Kickoff Kit, distributed via FIRST Choice, part of a legal motor controller (including manufacturer provided accessories), or part of a legal COTS computing device
  • Factory installed vibration and autofocus motors resident in COTS computing devices (e.g. rumble motor in a smartphone).
  • PWM COTS servos with a retail cost < $75.
  • Motors integral to a COTS sensor (e.g. LIDAR, scanning sonar, etc.), provided the device is not modified except to facilitate mounting

I want info on this AM 3775 motor please. Today is like Christmas! New motor controller, motor(s), and the new Australian products! :smiley: I can’t wait for more announcements!!

Redline is a fun name for a motor