[FRC Blog] 2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL

Posted on theFRC Blog 10/24/17 by Frank Merrick

2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL
Written by Frank Merrick.


Details on the 2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL have just been released!

Get creative and help your fellow teams stay safe by submitting an animation for the competition! The submission portal opens on November 8th and closes on December 7th, so get cracking! It’s going to be a fun one this year as FIRST Robotics Competition and UL ask teams to create an animation in the style of an arcade video game. The winning entry will get shown at official FRC events. All the details are in the link above.

We know how creative our teams can be, so let’s see it!


Has anyone successfully submitted the animation? With the new FIRST website layout, my browser’s telling me the FIRST website is redirecting me too many times, so I can’t actually open the page to submit the animation. I’m getting really anxious, as I need to submit it tonight.
If someone is able to help, that’d be great.


FRC Team 772

We’re not doing Safety Animation Award but I just logged in to try and I can confirm that I am also getting this error when trying to enter the portal for any award. I know it is a little late if you need to submit tonight but your best bet is still to email frcteamadvocate@firstinspires.org. Explain your situation and attach anything you’re planning on submitting. You can also leave a voicemail at (800) 871-8326.

Sorry to not be of more help

I was also having the same issue. I tried using Chrome and Safari but the error page popped up and said I was being redirected too many times.

However, once my coach made me a the Student Award Submitter and I tried to submit again, it worked! So make sure through the FIRST website that your coach has made you the student submitter, if not, it will not let you submit it.

Hope that helps!


You need to be a student award submitter to submit the award.

Hey, reminder that the safety animation is due today at 12:00 pm EST

It is due at 3pm EST today.

One of my favorite parts of FRC!

Here’s 624’s submission:

This is 2869’s first year participating in this award! Good luck to everyone - the clips have been fun to watch so far!

Here is our submission for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGIPH_12DTE

Dang, these submissions are impressive!

Thanks to everyone who replied lol. It did turn out that my problem was not being assigned as student submitter.

Here’s the safety animation we made, if anyone would like to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcBSfUGgshw

Good luck to everyone!

Team 772

This is always a fun part of the year. Here is our submission for this year.

Hey all!

Here’s our submission for this year:


Hi, I’m chiming in late to post my team’s submission as well:

…Man, everyone’s animations turned out so cool! XD