[FRC Blog] 2019!! And a Little 2018…

2019!! And a Little 2018… posted on the FRC Blog 5/4/18 by Frank Merrick.

I beseech you Frank, release the SVG logo files now so we don’t have to pull them from the info site! Like, I still got my crisp 4k wallpaper out of the website files, but I’d appreciate like… the single color version for team shirts and such.

I’ve been hoping for a space game for the last few years! I’m super excited! :slight_smile:

This seems like one of those rare opportunities where asking FIRST directly may be more efficient than pleading on Chief.

For shirts, I edit files in Paint.net (application not website) to make them all single color and such. If you need this done, I can have something simple done within 5 minutes depending on how complex you need it. Just let me know. I would highly recommend giving paint.net a try. It is almost (not quite there yet, but almost) as fantastic and developed as Microsoft paint.:stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind for those looking to use the actual logos… As per the usual FIRST trademark stuff, you “should” wait for them to release the artwork. Now, tell 3,000+ teams your theme for a competition that doesn’t start for over 7 months and expect them to not use the artwork is… uh… unrealistic.

That said, if you want to copy the style for your own team’s work, I’m 99% sure the font for “DESTINATION” is Futura ND. “DEEP SPACE” on the other hand I’m pretty sure is custom, or at least heavily modified (and I don’t just mean the “P” and “A” on the bottom). The counter on the “P” is not consistent between top and bottom "P"s, and the proportional spacing on the arms of the top/bottom "E"s are different. Finally the corner cuts on the letters (excluding around the ship) aren’t consistent either. (Eg, the top “D” and “P”, and the bottom “C” are all trimmed corners, but the bottom “E” shows none of that.)

If you go looking to try to find a close matching font for the “DEEP SPACE” lettering, focus on the “S” and it’s middle curve, it’s probably the most distinct feature of the typeface.

Ill be waiting a long time if I want past logos though…