[FRC Blog] 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE Audience Displays

Posted on the FRC Blog, 02/19/2020: https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/2020-audience-display

2020 INFINITE RECHARGE Audience Displays

2020 FEB 19 | Written by Danny Diaz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior System Engineer.

Greetings, Teams! I’m using the blog today to give everyone their annual sneak peek at a few of the graphics you’ll be seeing up on the big screen at your events. As always, please remember that team numbers, names, ranks, cards, performance, events, or descriptions are all for illustrative purposes only.

Match Preview

The first screen shown prior to the start of the match is the “Match Preview” screen, this screen is used to introduce the teams that are playing in the upcoming match. This is the only place that a team’s nickname is shown, reflecting information provided to FIRST via the Team Dashboard in the Team Registration System. This screen provides information about the team such as team number, Team Avatar, team nickname, and their current rank in the tournament (if the team has played any matches thus far). During Playoffs this screen changes slightly to reflect alliance information, including backup robots, and the current number of matches that have been won by each alliance.

Please be sure to submit a Team Avatar for your team, or your team will be randomly assigned one of the pre-approved Star Wars Avatars each match. It can take several days to process your team Avatar, so be sure to submit it with enough time prior to your tournament. Also, please ask teams near you if they’ve submitted their Team Avatar yet - spread the word!

Match Preview Screen FIRST Robotics Competition

Real-Time Scoring

Once the match is ready to begin, and while the match is running, the “Real-Time Scoring” screen is displayed in the lower 20% of the live match video. This screen provides information that reflects the current status of the match, such as team information (including cards), match progress, game timer, real-time score, and match/event information. Each alliance has multiple stats being tracked in the Real Time Scoring:

ENDGAME GENERATOR SWITCH Status: Above the three Stage indicators for each alliance is a horizontal bar with a color fill that indicates the state of each alliance’s GENERATOR SWITCH. If the color fill is GRAY, the GENERATOR SWITCH is currently NOT LEVEL, but if the color fill is that of the alliance color, the GENERATOR SWITCH is currently LEVEL.

Stage 1 Progress: Each Alliance has a status indicator showing the progress of SHIELD GENERATOR Stage 1. The Stage starts LOCKED, symbolized by the Rebel Alliance Resistance symbol. Once the match begins, Stage 1 UNLOCKS and is available to begin charging – the Stage 1 Progress will show an indicator representing how many POWER CELLS are remaining before the stage reaches CAPACITY. Once Stage 1 reaches CAPACITY, if the MATCH has not yet reached the Teleoperated Period a “clock” indicator will show until TELEOP has started. Once CAPACITY is reached and TELEOP is in progress Stage 1 will ACTIVATE, symbolized by an image of BB8 with “Thumbs Up.”

Stage 1 Progression FIRST Robotics Competition

Stage 2 Progress: Each Alliance also has a status indicator showing the progress of SHIELD GENERATOR Stage 2. The Stage starts LOCKED, symbolized by the Rebel Alliance Resistance symbol. Once Stage 1 is ACTIVATED, Stage 2 UNLOCKS and is available to begin charging – the Stage 2 Progress will show an indicator representing how many POWER CELLS are remaining before the stage reaches CAPACITY. Once Stage 2 reaches CAPACITY, a white ROTATE indicator will show until the CONTROL PANEL has completed ROTATION CONTROL. Once ROTATION CONTROL is complete Stage 2 will ACTIVATE, symbolized by an image of BB8 with “Thumbs Up.”

Stage 2 Progression FIRST Robotics Competition

Stage 3 Progress: Finally, each Alliance also has a status indicator showing the progress of SHIELD GENERATOR Stage 3. The Stage starts LOCKED, symbolized by the Rebel Alliance Resistance symbol. Once Stage 2 is ACTIVATED, Stage 3 UNLOCKS and is available to begin charging – just like the previous Stages, Stage 3 Progress will show an indicator representing how many POWER CELLS are remaining before the stage reaches CAPACITY. Once Stage 3 reaches CAPACITY, a pie slice indicator will show inside the Stage 3 Progress indicator, filled with the target color for POSITION CONTROL for the CONTROL PANEL. Once POSITION CONTROL is complete Stage 3 will ACTIVATE, symbolized by an image of BB8 with “Thumbs Up.”

Stage 3 Progression FIRST Robotics Competition

Ranking Point (RP) Status: In Qualification matches if Stage 3 is ACTIVATED, a ranking point dot will appear above the alliance’s score indicating an earned RP. If the ranking point condition is earned by an alliance but is not determined until after the match is over, the ranking point dot may not show on the Real-Time Scoring display but will be displayed within the following Match Results screen.

It is important to note that ENDGAME specific scoring – HANG points, PARK points, and GENERATOR SWITCH LEVEL w/ ROBOTS HANGING points – will not be indicated or reflected in the Real-Time Scoring point totals during the MATCH. These scoring components will only be reflected in the final Match Results.

Blue Real Time Scoring Audience Display FIRST Robotics Competition

Red Real Time Scoring Audience Display FIRST Robotics Competition

Match Results

Once the match details have been finalized by the Head Referee, the “Match Results” screen will be shown. The Match Results display contains a wealth of information. During Qualification matches each team is displayed with their team number, team avatar, card(s) issued to them during the match, their new ranking, and how that rank changed versus their prior ranking; during Playoffs this information is combined for the alliance. If a team receives cards during the match, a graphic is shown to indicate the card and any additive card promotion due to card accumulation (in the example below for Qualification Match 15, 907 had a yellow card carry, and earned a yellow during the match, and in the Match Results the yellow promoted to a Red).

Badges are once again shown on the Match Results screen for successful completion of match goals that result in Ranking Points (RP) in Qualification matches; SHIELD GENERATOR ENERGIZED is represented by a “Shield Energized” icon, SHIELD GENERATOR OPERATIONAL is represented by an icon representative of the artwork on the GENERATOR SWITCH, and match outcome is represented by a trophy. Earned badges are emblazoned with the alliance color, unearned badges are shown without color. In Playoff matches, the RP area is replaced with the number of wins the alliance has won in that series (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals). Additionally, points earned for the INITIATION LINE Bonus, POWER CELLS (combined for Auto and Teleop), CONTROL PANEL operation, ENDGAME, and any points due to penalties incurred by the opposing alliance are displayed. Also present from last season is the “High Score” indicator, which indicates when a new local tournament high score has been achieved as well as a “WIN” indicator that indicates which alliance won the match (or “TIE” if the alliances tie the match). Detailed match results information for each match can also be found on the FRC Events webpage.

Match Results FIRST Robotics Competition

Be sure to also watch the Match Results screen during Qualification and Playoff matches for special cut-scenes that complete the INFINITE RECHARGE story, once again brought to you by our good friends at Automation Direct, depicting an activated and fully operational Shield Generator protecting the citizens of FIRST City! Also be on the lookout for experimental alternate streaming layouts being tested throughout the season on Regional webcast feeds!


hm, that pizza slice is not as good as i thought it would be. I feel like there would have been better way to display the color control. Overall, I think its pretty nice.


Thank goodness because the showing one alliances endgame points in Real-Time Scoring and not the other was really annoying last year.


Showing the endgame points only on the match results is a good change. The real time scoring display is simple and I think for the most part does the job, though I suspect it will be difficult to explain to spectators who don’t know what’s going on. The one thing I wish they had done was to break out the power cell points into Inner/Outer/Lower on the match results screen. Sound like that information will be available via the API, but displayed after the match would have been nice.


I really wish there was a distinction between inner, outer, and low goal.


It seems that this might be rather easy to implement. Put circle, hex, and a rectangle that shows the numbers. Doesn’t have to be that big, just pushed out to the very side. But they are probably not going to implement it. Although they did do a whole redesign last year due to many people hating it.

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Yeah unfortunately at this point I doubt they would make any drastic changes. The change last year happened also between week 0 and week 1, but before this announcement.

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I do believe that the reason many people hated it last year was because there was too much information on the display. Since the difference is simply the number of points, it makes sense that it’s not broken out - they don’t have a “2 point shots” and “3 point shots” indicator on a basketball game - I guess it just really depends on the phase of the event you’re in. For example, I like the simplicity of the display for Qualification, it’s easy to tell where you are in the progress of the ENERGIZED ranking point, and it doesn’t try to show you “too much.” I’m not convinced it’s the optimized display for Playoffs, though, where it may become more of a shoot-out since the ranking point isn’t a thing and the control panel points are perhaps too low to be valuable enough to be a priority.


I’m confused why there is a need to display Stage 1, 2, and 3 status separately. You can never be on more than one stage at a time, right? Why not just have a number indicating the current stage and then a picture indicating the current status? Then there would be room to indicate things like balls scored in goals, balance status, etc.


This is a really good suggestion. Showing the number of balls scored per location is very helpful for the audience to understand how a team is ahead and why they are winning. The ‘per stage’ square should change to just one square and a big number next to it to show which stage they are on.

This potentially will be an issue… assuming anyone ever gets there, at the moment there is no information that lets us know why an alliance is ahead of another team once all three stages are complete for both teams.


What do people think of this (extremely messy) redesign?

The stage indicators on the sides could use more or less the same notation as in the current one - the numbers should count down on the sides, I think.
More ideas I didn’t put in:
- Move the stage number somewhere else?
- Remove the level indicator bar?
- Add rebel logos to annotate stage indicators?
- Edit: Shapes should be thicker
- BB-8???

Edit: just realized I used octagons instead of hexagons. Oops!


That’s a lot of numbers. I liked @CIM’s suggestion upon reading it, but after seeing this maybe it’s best not to represent everything with a number. Someone unfamiliar with the game would probably have a much easier time grasping the alliance working through the stages with the official graphic over this one.

Personally, I don’t mind the fact that the Power Port breakdown is limited to the API; it’s most useful for scouts anyway. It honestly feels more confusing to see them on the live display, and that’s coming from someone who liked last year’s week 0 grid.


I would make the shapes more prominent. Keep the rectangles red or blue, maybe make the shapes themselves gray or black. That way it is more obvious to the viewer which goal is which, particularly on screens without a lot of contrast.

I agree with the above that making the numbers big makes things a bit messy and confusing. But it would be pretty easy to make the shapes more prominent, they’ve done it many times in the past 4 years. 2016 and 2017 are good examples of it. A simple picture with the scoring zone and a small number in the corner with ball count. Those along with something that displays the stage may be a bit much to fit down there though.


+1 to Chris’ point - collapsing the stage progression information into a single location (instead of 3) communicates all the same information in a much less cluttered format.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I’m glad lower/outer/inner goal count is not part of this display. Do FOX and CBS put a breakdown of touchdowns, field goals, and PATs in the corner of the screen in real-time? No. That information is fine as part of the box score shown at the end, and I doubt that putting counts on the screen in real-time would really help much with scouting.

One idea I did have for real-time score communication would be taking a page out of the E-sports playbook and using floating text overlays over the full-field stream. Look at how damage is shown in real-time in a game like DOTA:

The location of each goal is fixed in the full-field shot, so there could be one-time calibration to set the locations by clicking on the image, and then “+1”, “+2”, “+3”, etc. would float upwards out of each goal as balls are counted. I think this type of AR would look really cool.

Maybe look out for this at ChezyChamps (unless someone implements it first) :slight_smile:


Agreed. Personally, I feel if the data isn’t useful to me in real-time as a coach, then it’s almost certainly not useful to the general audience. Strategically, it makes no difference how an alliance got their points; you can figure out everything you need to know about the current odds just by the score and stage progression.

Excess information should be avoided, even if you find a way to present it neatly.


I don’t mind it but it’s a bit busy for my tastes and I don’t get why the red/blue bar is there. I did a quick edit in paint of how I would change it. The green bars shows capacity, would be 9 instead of 20 slots in stage one. The icons for teleop and control panel would stay the same, while BB-8 would be saved for when stage 3 is completed. I added a lock icon on top the number of balls to score to better indicate what that number means. Also for the stages I added 3 circles above the icon. The key for that is green is done, black is not available yet, yellow not at capacity, and white is waiting on teleop or control panel.


I like the thought, but from the perspective of a drive coach, I would prefer having the actual number of how many balls are needed to unlock the stage over your method (it would be more of an estimation). I do like the idea though from an audience perspective though but that’s just my $0.02


The bar is to show if the switch is balanced or not.

Which frankly if they don’t want to show other endgame scoring on there Id rather have it be all or nothing (I’d prefer nothing) and get rid of the balance indicator

I actually really like this, but I would add the numbers on top of the bars kinda like what the timer has

Oh I was trying to show the number left with the 5 on the lock but the idea of having it over the bars would actually probably look better. Would just need numbers that are outlined in black.