[FRC Blog] 2020 Motors, Controllers, and Some Other Robot Rules

Personally, I’ve learned more on the FRC Discord than Chief Delphi. Its a lot of the little things, things that don’t constitute new topics but I just don’t know from lack of experience. Also, getting help from kids your age and younger mentors is nicer because its less daunting than the huge mentor population in CD. Chief Delphi helps understand larger FIRST topics, announcements and can provide more thorough answers to questions (usually :)).


One can dream :wink:

Several of the above posts could probably be split into a new thread.


This will get you close, but it’s also well outside of the costing limits for FRC: https://www.analog.com/en/products/adis16495.html

From the blue box under R12 (The total cost of all items on the ROBOT shall not exceed $5000 USD…):

Individual COMPONENTS or MECHANISMS, not excluded in R12, that are retrieved from previous ROBOTS and used on 2019 ROBOTS must have their un-depreciated cost included in the 2019 BOM and applied to the overall cost assessment.

As items fabricated before kickoff may not be used, these individual components or mechanisms must be COTS or another exception to R15 (Physical ROBOT elements created before Kickoff are not permitted…)

That does seem like a reasonable interpretation but I wouldn’t call it explicit, takes a bit inference to get there and seems very reasonable for students and other people new to FRC to not understand the nuance.

Does anyone have a list compiled of all “Rockwell Automation sensors ever available in FIRST Choice” ?

I find it very interesting that we’re now just two days away from kickoff and we’ve never heard anything more about this motor - no specs, no way to buy it, nothing! I think that suggests that it will be required for doing something specific in this game and they didn’t want to give away too many hints. I predict that we’ll receive these in the kit of parts and they will be the only allowed motors for driving a mini bot, similar to the end game in Logo Motion. It certainly fits the Star Wars theme as a droid sidekick.


I take it this never happened then?


The motor wasn’t available for round 1. Perhaps it will be included in Round 2 when it opens after kickoff.

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Revenge of the Globe?


Revenge of the minibot.

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Oh, no! Please, just no.

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Or, as I suggested tongue firmly in cheek soon after hearing the Deming definition of quality:

Achieving quality through aggressive expectations management.

An hour later I realized that was the Micros**t business plan, as well as that of Sirius Cybernetics.

Yep. Round 2. Posted a new topic to introduce. Target was round 1 but missed deadline.

You noticed…very much like the Globe in format only smaller. Were those the specs on the Globe?

Globe motors were slower and torquier. Some of us occasionally modified them by removing one planetary stage, which made them similar to the new JE motor. I think the new one will be very useful.

Hope so. There are plenty available in round 2. Seems like a good speed for indexing power cells.

I have an old globe motor laying around. Need to dust it off.

Globe motors were awesome for FRC. They were the first motor that you could adjust the gear ratio on due to their easily-modified planetary section. We really missed them before the other planetaries hit the market.