[FRC Blog] 2022 Approved Devices and Rules Preview

This document has pictures of the legal KOP Automotive motors. It is often hard to identify them just by part number, the part numbers are often not labeled on the motors. I went back and cross-referenced them from past KOP checklists so they should be accurate unless those lists were wrong.


CTRE just updated the product page: CANivore

Expected to be released (maybe ship?) on January 31, for $300 a pop. Much as I’d like split CAN busses, that schedule and cost is hard to swallow.


And a minor tidbit in a smaller font on the CAN-FD page says that the 2022 release will only support CAN-FD devices, and the blurb beneath out outlines the 4 supported devices for 2022.

While the tech is very cool, and it’s a hopeful way to make the FRC CAN stack a little more tolerable, I can’t wait to see what improvements they have for it yet.


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