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2023 Control System Info

2022 JUN 07 | Written by Kate Pilotte, Sr. Kit of Parts Manager

It’s occurred to us that we haven’t yet stated what teams can expect for control system components for the 2023 season!

What’s legal?

  • CTR Electronics’ Power Distribution Panel
  • CTR Electronics’ Pneumatic Control Module
  • CTR Electronics’ Voltage Regulator Module
  • REV Robotics Power Distribution Hub
  • REV Robotics Radio Power Module
  • REV Robotics Pneumatic Hub
  • NI roboRIO
  • NI roboRIO 2.0
  • OM5P-AN robot radio
  • OM5P-AC robot radio
  • Snap Action VB3-A Series, terminal style F57, breakers
  • Snap Action MX5-A or MX5-L Series, 40A rating or lower breakers
  • REV Robotics ATO auto-resetting breakers, 40A rating or lower

What’s in the Kit of Parts?

  • Rookie Kickoff Kits will include a roboRIO 2.0, a REV Robotics Power Distribution Hub, a REV Robotics Radio Power Module, a REV Robotics Pneumatic Hub, (4) 40A REV Robotics breakers, and an OM5P-AC robot radio.
  • Additional control system components may be available in FIRST Choice and via vouchers, depending on supply chain reliability and donor commitment.

With the exception of maybe the OM5P robot radios, we expect this list to persist through the 2024 season. The radios may be replaced for the 2024 season, but we don’t yet know for sure. We’ll let you know when we do!

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I am a little suprised that they didn’t remove the ctr control system parts.
I am not suprised because of supply chain problem.


I don’t really see a reason to make them illegal any time soon. They don’t seem to provide a competitive advantage over the REV stuff, and the rest of the control system will work fine with either one.


Occurred to me, too. Frugal teams don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars to replace all their controls if they don’t need to.


Especially the younger teams that are still learning how to raise money. Many of them are building simpler robots that don’t use all the slots on the PDP.


Some older teams too. I don’t think we’ll buy new control system this year if we don’t add more drivetrain motors for swerve, etc. That wasn’t the originally plan, but we also picked up another PDP in FC this year.


I’m never a fan of forced obsolescence. Especially when the current products are functionally (mostly) the same and existing teams have the hardware.

It’s a lot of money teams don’t have right now, and no really good reason to force a change.


I am very excited for the new radio! I feel like most teams have been waiting for a new radio. Even though it’s a maybe, it is still, if I can remember correctly, the only control system device that is yet to be replaced

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FIRST has maintained that they would remain legal going forward for years now. They shouldn’t be going away anytime soon.


So it begs the question, what do we get for $6000?


The main thing you get is eligibility to compete in 1 regional or 2 district events. The actual contents of the kit is a small part of what that money is getting you.


That FIRST does not pay for or run, FWIW.

I think the price tag is worth questioning, but also this seems off-topic and if we’re gonna discuss it further it should split.


A game to play and game piece(s).

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We used to get control system stuff in the KOP, especially if there was new stuff. What have we gotten in two years of a new system? Signal lights.


They’re some valuable signal lights though! $100 each last I checked?


While the new power distribution stuff is a little different, I view the introduction of the RoboRIO 2.0 akin to the revised cRIO (I forget the year that was first introduced, slightly before my time I believe). Can someone here mention if the “new” cRIO was distributed to veterans the same year it was released?

Considering there is minimal performance gain between the legacy CTRE/RoboRIO setup and the new REV/RoboRIO 2.0 setup, I’m not all that worried or concerned we won’t receive new components in the KOP.

Now, the year they make the CTRE components illegal to run in season, I would fully expect (and be very miffed not to see) the new control system included in rookie and veteran kits alike.

Frankly, unless CTRE suddenly drops software support of their components, I don’t know why they would make them illegal anytime soon.




Exactly this. Honestly, I’d expect (hope?) that the CTRE stuff only becomes illegal when we see an entirely new evolution in control system hardware (see the switch from cRIO to RoboRIO in 2015). At which point I would also expect the current RoboRIO 2.0 to become obsolete/illegal too.

It was not. Teams could purchase it (and many did for the weight savings), but it was not in the veteran KOP. Both the 8-slot and 4-slot cRio remained legal until we switched to the RoboRIO in 2015.