[FRC Blog] 2023 Season Updates

Posted on the FRC Blog, 11/17/2022: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2022-2023-season-updates

2023 Season Updates

2022 NOV 17 | Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Program Director

FIRST ® Choice and Virtual Kit Open

Round 1 of FIRST ® Choice opened today Thursday, November 17, at Noon Eastern Time and closes Thursday, December 1. The lead mentor 1 or 2 from a secured or event registered team may peruse FIRST Choice, populate Priority Lists, and prioritize items for Round 1 (but orders are only processed for teams that have secured registration payment by Noon ET on December 1, 2022). More information is available on the Kit of Parts page including this helpful video!

The 2023 Virtual Kit of Parts is also now live for secured teams. Teams that haven’t secured payment yet will see the voucher codes populated on the “Password/Voucher Code” section of the Dashboard for lead mentors 1 and 2 once payment is secured. The details and instructions are posted in the Virtual Kit section of the Kit of Parts webpage.

2023 China Regional

We have made the difficult decision to not host an official FIRST ® Robotics Competition event in China in 2023. We did not want to take registration payments from teams in China when we did not feel confident in our ability to host an event and give the teams the full program experience there.

Update to Bumper Rules

Following the publishing of the recent blog on robot rule changes we have heard a lot of feedback on the change to pool noodle sizing for bumpers. The main reason for the original change was to allow teams to utilize 2.5” pool noodles that do not have a marketed diameter. Before releasing this change, we researched pool noodles we had access to and saw that the ones we had fell within this range. Unfortunately, that was not the case for all pool noodles marketed as 2.5”. With this new information, we are modifying R408 to clarify that 2 ½ in. (63mm) pool noodles are pool noodles sold as 2 ½ in. (~63mm) diameter or that measure between 2 ¼ in. (~57mm) and 2 ¾ in. (~70mm).

Good Guy Frank Colin strikes again!


This makes me so happy :slight_smile:


That was the intent from the beginning. The wording of the original rules change did not accurately convey the intent. Sorry folks. I took a couple days to get it fixed. Just so everyone is clear, if the pool noodles you purchase(d) are “sold as” (marked/advertised/labeled/etc.) as 2.5" they are legal no matter what their diameter. If your pool noodles are NOT “sold as” a specific diameter then if they are between 2.25" and 2.75" then they are legal.

And once again let me repeat, there is no intention that these pool noodle tolerances are to be used by RIs/LRIs to justify having teams open up their bumpers and measure the diameter of pool noodles that are not an issue for some OBIVOUS reason.

The intent is if you buy what are commonly “sold as” 2.5" pool noodles and they aren’t actually 2.5" thats fine. If you buy pool noodles that aren’t labeled other than “small” or “large” or “giant” or something like that, get the ones that are “approximately” 2.5" with the definition of “approximately” being 2.25" to 2.75". Don’t buy the little ones that are less than 2" (sometimes “sold as” 2") but are often more like 1.75" and don’t buy the large/giant ones that are like 3.5"-4".


Thank you, from the guy who is usually tasked with supervising bumper construction for our team!

Edit: Also very unfortunate for all of the teams who would normally compete in the Chinese Regional won’t have that opportunity this year. I hope some can still compete at other events.


I think we need a new replacement saying for Good Guy Frank for Collin (Cool Cat Collin). Perhaps another thread for this…

I’m guessing that only a couple will be able to. There’s not a lot of options for teams in China to go to. The closest is probably Turkey or Australia. Also of note: Taiwan also lost their local sponsorship as detailed in a previous blog and will not have an event this season. Any geo-political saying aside that’s a big loss to FRC events on that side of the world.

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Excellent! Glad to hear.


Thanks for doing this. Writing clear and unambiguous rules that make sense and are easyto apply is not as easy as it sounds.

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@ChuckDickerson Thank you for hearing us and making the change happen! I think this is going to avoid a lot of stress for teams and inspectors alike.


Thanks, this helps

the new noodle agreement.


Good thing too… probably saved us from “The Great Noodle War” aka Recycle Rush Recycled :joy:

Missed opportunity for
The newdoole agreement

Sorry @Andrew_L


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