FRC Blog - 3000!

Today, for the first time in FIRST Robotics Competition history, we surpassed 3,000 teams registered for the program. There is nothing particularly special about this figure, other than it being a nice round number, and it starting with a three instead of a two, but it does mean we continue to reach more teams and change more lives, and that’s exciting!

We want to thank everyone who has ever helped start new teams or supported young teams through their difficult early years. We know growth happens where the rubber meets the road – and that’s at the local level. Today is a day worthy of a little celebration, even if all that amounts to is taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to think about how far we’ve come from that first event in a high school gym in New Hampshire, all those years ago.

Thanks so much for all you do. Onwards and upwards!


Remember that time Dean asked at Championship for 2000 teams by the year 2000? #old

Mark’s plots are better.

Must be that teaser video worked!

They must have really liked watching the 2015 game, too


Nah, the 2014 game. Just took 'em as long as a REGIONAL can take to put together to get their teams ready.

Yay FRC!

So between FRC, FTC, VEX, FLL. VEX IQ, TSA, and Botball we’ve now reached about 10% of the potential roboteers in the US. (Dust levels in the rest of the world).

High FIVES all around.

Now back to work on getting the other 90%

I’d guess 2013, 2 years to put money together and we are still demoing that game, the china competition is coming up soon.