FRC Blog - 3D Printer Update and Hosting Files

3D Printer Update

We talked about contingency plans for remaining inventory in our 3D printer distribution effort in our original 3D Printing Blog post. Since then, about ½ of the inventory has been consumed, which means we have more printers to get to you! There are approximately 240 Cubes still available. To help that, we’re going to reduce the credit cost for these printers from 600 to 300 credits. This will be implemented between now and tomorrow at 4pm Eastern.

For those of you who already have printer orders, you’ll be effectively reimbursed this difference and see 300 credits issued to your account tomorrow!

Since teams can now order more FIRST Choice parts if they have chosen a 3D Printer, AndyMark will not be pricing the shipping for 3D printers at a flat fee of $40. Now, the total weight of the printer and other FIRST Choice parts will be combined to figure in a final shipping price.

Hosting Documents or Files

It’s very important that FIRST, and only FIRST, host FIRST content. That is to say, rather than taking the documents and files you can find through and hosting them on your own sites, we need teams to link to our information instead. There are two main reasons:

  1. Version control. Our documents and files may change over time. If a 3rd party hosts the original content instead of linking to the original content, any updates we make will carry through. If the content is hosted instead of linked, the content may become obsolete, but with no notification to the user.
  2. Intellectual property. While we’re not particularly possessive of our content, we do have a responsibility to protect FIRST IP. it’s not all created by FIRST, but it’s created for FIRST. So, re-hosting content may or may not infringe on donation agreements, licensing agreements or other matters that may not be public knowledge.
    All that being said, we thank you for understanding and respecting this request. If you have questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] or (800) 871-8326, ext. 0.