[FRC Blog] A More Serious Note

Posted Jan 11: http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2017-more-serious-note

FIRST Family member, Don Bossi, President of FIRST, underwent colon cancer surgery yesterday. The surgery went very well, but his recovery period will be extensive. He will be doing little, if any, travel this competition season, though he (and we, of course) are hoping he will be able to attend FIRST Championship. Don is a wonderful President of FIRST and is greatly admired for his leadership, vision, easy-going style, and work ethic. I hope you will join the FIRST staff in wishing Don a full recovery! In case you would like to send a note or card of encouragement, you can send it to the attention of Don at: FIRST, 200 Bedford St, Manchester, NH 03101, and we’ll be sure to get it to him. (Don loves to hear what FIRST means to our community, so if you do send a note, I’m sure a few words about what FIRST means to you would be appreciated!)

Well, that sucks.

Wishes for a fast and easy recovery.

Get well soon Don!


Get well soon Don!


Get well soon, Don!

Praying for a fast recovery for Don.


Don is one of the few prominent FIRST people my team and I have met a couple times and he couldn’t be nicer. I hope he has a speedy recovery!

I learned more than 25 years ago how tough colon cancer can be, watching my father fight it. Like Don, he was a leader. Leaders know how to fight.

Don, you are in my prayers.

Praying for you, Don! Get well soon!

I had the opportunity to ask a question to Frank Merrick tonight on GameSense, on how we can send best wishes to Don electronically.

Per Frank, if you’d like to send a note to Don, email dbossi@<the same domain as the new main website>. (Least I can do is try to save him from some SPAM. :slight_smile:

All of our mentors, families and students are sending positive recovery vibes to Don… He will be in our thoughts and prayers…

I’m glad that the surgery went well and I’m sending my wishes for a fast and yet steady recovery.

Thank you for sharing. Email sent.