[FRC Blog] A Trophy To Call My Own

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A Trophy To Call My Own

**Blog Date: **Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 08:49

Last night, the FRC Staff got together for a little season-end celebration. I was deeply moved when the staff presented me with my very own trophy:


Thanks, guys!


Well, they got the ‘bumper league’ part right ;). Well deserved, Frank. Thanks for all you’ve done for FRC thus far, and in the years to come :D.

We need to raise Frank’s Banner count.


Not listed on TBA, so I don’t believe it.

Well, Frank’s CoRNDOG (Count of Recognitions Now Divvied Out Gradient) is now 1 (1 trophy over 1 year).

Bowling has lanes. Pools have lanes. WATER GAME!!!1

So Frank was a #7 seed in 2003 (Stack Attack), and he had bumpers even though they were not required? :rolleyes:

Wildstang should have picked him!

So now how many teams are going to make a trophy with Frank’s name on it, so they can award it to Frank if he happens to attend one of their events next season?

Wait, what team was Frank with? Is this supposed to be a hint to what team he was with? (Obviously, they are trying to keep us satisfied until they release a game hint.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Psssh, not me

closes tab of trophy-ordering site

In all seriousness, IIRC he stated in the Gamesense AMA chat that he, aside from FLL coaching, he was invovled with Team 131

One can only dream this somehow means lightened bumper rules next year. :rolleyes: Regardless, it’s great to see Frank recognized with an actual award. This man has done so much in a short amount of time.

I heard a rumor that he got 7th place out of 6 competitors. :stuck_out_tongue:
(C’mon, they coudn’t find a trophy newer than 2003? Sheesh)

Anyway: I’d give Frank a trophy any day, but if he really wants one he has to do something to earn it. I am not a big fan of ‘trophies for everyone’.

How many food-acronym statistics can FRC spawn?

I demand more CoRNDOGs for Frank.

I demand a banana for scale.

(Seriously, if Frank shows up to the CAGE Match*, we’ll give him a better trophy)

Third Saturday in October.
Southport High School
971 E Banta Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

**Call before you come so we know to make the trophy :]

Which would take longer, setting a up crowd fund to get Frank a real trophy or meeting the goal of the crowd fund?

Any trophy for Frank would have to be HUGE to demonstrate his impact on FRC and TRANSPARENT to demonstrate his track record of engaging with the community.

A large 3d acrylic CoRNDOG?

Frank’s next trophy should be a Golden Corndog. The Cheesy Poofs should design and fabricate it – Jared is a corndog expert. Surely it can be crowd funded.

Fun fact: This bowling alley on the East side of town is strictly candlepin. such New England.

Fascinating… Never heard of candle pin bowling before

You mean how many Edible Data Analysis Metrics and Aggregated Measurable Entities (EDAMAME)?