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Posted on the FRC Blog, 10/05/2020: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2021-join-us

Are You In?

2020 OCT 05 | Written by Frank Merrick.

2021 Team Registration opens October 6 at Noon ET! FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition Team registration officially opens at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 6! Are you in? I hope so!

Since we don’t have in-person events to register for currently, we need to run things a little differently. You will need to confirm your participation in the season by following the instructions here. (It’s also linked on the INFINITE RECHARGE page here.) This tells us you are in, lets us apply any grants you have, and lets you pay any balance. You don’t need to tell us which of the 2021 Season Challenges you wish to participate in right now. You can join any or all when the time comes!

I hope you join us in the pool! The water is awesome!





And ball game! And dog game! With yeets!


I hope everyone has been stocking up on pool noodles for the “does it float?” virtual challenge.

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Anyone know what the deadline to register is?

Registration payment for the 2021 FRC season is due on Monday, November 16th: Payment Due - FIRST Robotics Competition Registration | FIRST

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got an email today that we got a credit for not getting to play this year…and there’s a NASA grant? Might be a really inexpensive virtual 2021 season for us. Hopefully the rest of our team decides to dive in. (and NURC is scheduled for June 2021 also, speaking of water games)

I unsuccessfully attempted to register our team today. The instructions say we should search for an event and then add the appropriate 2021 season participation event. No events show up in the search. Did other teams get this to work? I don’t know if our team’s info is goofed up in the system or if it’s a website issue on their end.

I went in when it first opened to do it. Just as in a normal season, from the dashboard you select the option to register/view team events. I didn’t even need to enter in anything to search - it came up with a list of a couple events (regional registration, district registration, maybe one other?) and I could select the appropriate one to register.

It’s perhaps a little different, as in other years you would need to enter in a search in order to narrow down the list to find the event you want… but I suspect actually performing a search might be getting in your way.

Should look like this:

Do it right and you get an email:

"Hello Team 358,

Congratulations on registering for the 2021 Season Participation for Regional Teams. This event will take place from January 9 to January 9, 2021 in None, AL USA.

We wish your team the best of luck!

Go Teams! "

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I hear None, AL has a good none pizza. Can’t wait to attend.


None pizza is celestial. As in, None of The Above. :wink:

Like the None Noodles in China, and the None Tacos in Mexico.

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And the naan you put in your okra soup? I see it hiding there on the left…

I didn’t put the grapes in, either. Gotta have something to eat while the soup simmers.

Also, naan > none. Much greater.

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Got word a week or two back that we were indeed not in. I was curious how many teams weren’t in and in short, a few afternoons later and we had a neat project to describe just how many teams were in so far, and a checker for which teams were in / weren’t in.


Edit: Just got word that some teams aren’t listing as registered despite paying with FIRST. I unfortunately can’t do anything to fix that, same as with some websites having a registration data delay, this system also has one sometimes. It’s not a final authority by far (trust FIRST in your email inbox more).


It remains to be seen how “in” we are. Students want to do the at-home Infinite Recharge, but are less enthused about the rest.
BUT… I just got word back on my request to the district to allow robotics to start meeting like athletics are: “let it rip.”
So my team will actually be able to return to campus next week!

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