FRC Blog - Are You More Than Ready?

Initial registration opens in just a few days, this Thursday, 9/24, at Noon EST! Are you ready? Are you MORE THAN ready? Are the folks on the other teams you know also ready? How about dropping them a friendly note to ask? Friends don’t let friends be unprepared for registration. Remember, if the main and alternate contacts for a team haven’t both been through the YPP process when initial registration opens, that team won’t be able to register, and the YPP process takes a few days. See the details on getting ready in last week’s blog post about this here.

**2017 Championships Task Force **

In May, I blogged that we would be forming committees, including representatives from the community outside FIRST HQ, to make recommendations to FIRST leadership in addressing these two challenges related to moving to two Championships in 2017:

Identifying what geographic regions will be assigned to which FIRST Championship as their ‘home’ Championship, including the way in which teams outside the United States would be handled
Identifying a potential way in which teams may volunteer and be selected to attend their non-home Championship
I apologize for the delay in moving forward with this. We are making progress now. Rather than having two separate committees, though, we will be combining these into one. Along with representatives from the key community groups you would expect (for example, Woodie Flowers Award Winners and Hall of Fame Teams) we will have one slot available to which any community member may apply. More details will follow later this week, but essentially you’ll be asked to put together a resume of your FIRST experience, along with the reasons why you think you would be a good participant on the team, then send it in to us. More details soon!

New Regionals

Interested in signing up for a brand new regional this year? Here’s the list:

Rocket City Regional in Alabama, dates March 23 – 26, 2016
Iowa Regional, dates March 23 – 26, 2016
Idaho Regional, dates March 30 – April 2, 2016
We’re very happy to be having Regionals in these states this season!


I think AZ North in Flagstaff deserves a mention as a new regional.:slight_smile:

And Orange County for California.


Seems to be some confusion between Iowa and Idaho…:confused:
Iowa Regional is March 23-26. Idaho Regional is March 30-April 2…

Googling for “More Than Ready” returns this as the first result:

I am unsure of how the 2016 game is related to racehorse breeding, but I am sure that it can’t be coincidence.

Dates now corrected on Blog…

I’m curious how that person will be chosen.

They’re going to try and spawn more HoF teams and WFA mentors… :smiley:

I think the ones mentioned in the blog are the first events to be scheduled in those states, while California already had a bunch, and AZ has one already as well.

I would imagine the impact on growth from a new regional in an area without easy access to one (ie a new state) would be huge. Of course, the impact for any new event can be huge, even if it’s not the first event in the state!

I would like to nominate Mike Corsetto.




Pretty certain I have nailed it:

It is afterall a ball year…

This way

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As we were fond of saying on my old team, there are no (interpersonal) problems that cannot be solved by either a cage match or hugging it out.


I also nominate Town Hall Mike!

This is terrifying.

No one needed to see this