[FRC Blog] Beta Testing and Usage Reporting




I find a “/s” after a sarcastic sentence usually does the trick in conveying the intent for a sarcastic tone.

There used to be data from GradleRIO telemetry, since it became an official wpilib project I’m unsure if that information is still collected. @Jaci or @Thad_House is there still telemetry data available?

Telemetry was removed when GradleRIO was officially merged into WPILib

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I think at least some, if not all, of the “unknown” teams are Kotlin teams that manually overwrote the language ID like this:


At least 1 of those “unknown” teams is a c++ team that doesn’t use wpilib, I believe we’re entry 122.


This data is garbage for C++/Java due to a bug in how we do usage reporting of cameras. Currently it uses a raw handle instead of an incrementing counter for the number of instances. I’ll fix it for next year.

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This is indeed different at present. Apparently some other programming discord server was created and the noise has largely moved there. That being said, there is a WPILib Gitter channel as well (wpilibsuite/wpilib) available for discussion if you would prefer to not rejoin Discord.


It may be that I’m grepping wrong, but I don’t actually see kFramework_CommandControl used anywhere in the allwpilib repository. Is its usage generated as part of a build artifact?

That’s a LabVIEW-only framework.

It’s github… You COULD give general write permissions (i.e. for feature branches) and then restrict specific branches to the core team. I’ve done this with a couple open-source projects I manage and it works quite well.

But yes, I agree. People can be VERY bad at git…

Dude, I’m no spring chicken when it comes to git and yet this morning I majorly screwed something up… But I also got to 2 of my 3 major screw ups before I just call it a day before 1030am so I guess it just was one of those days.

Git is confusing.

eh, git isn’t bad when it finally clicks how it’s working under the hood… though I don’t expect most high-schoolers (or many 10+ year professionals) to grasp it at that level

Obligatory xkcd: https://xkcd.com/1597/


Always a relevant XKCD

You mean I can’t just add everything to .gitignore when I have merge conflicts?


I could imagine cases where talon objects are created for talons which don’t actually exist and then never referenced or cleaned up? Heck, we do it intentionally for one specific case.

But 21 seems slightly excessive, I’ll agree.


Well that would make sense then.

It does make for a fun search game. For example:

I found Waldo.

But nah, I’m fine if it’s public. Lots of the source code ends up being so anyway.

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Fun fact - 900 % 256 == LabVIEW


Also need to remind the students we left out LISP.