[FRC Blog] Big Chairman’s Award Announcement & Unofficial Score Reporting Details

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Big Chairman’s Award Announcement & Unofficial Score Reporting Details

2021 MAR 26 | Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

Chairman’s Award

Great news! We have decided that even though we won’t be having FIRST Championship this season, we will still be selecting FIRST Championship-level Chairman’s Award winners and finalists.

We will be selecting a total of two winners and four finalists world-wide. Winning teams will become members of the Hall of Fame just as they would in an ordinary season.

Every team that wins Chairman’s Award at the Region or District Championship level this season will be eligible to be a winner or finalist at the FIRST Championship level. These teams will be going through a second round of interviews just as they would be if we were having FIRST Championship this year. These interviews will occur June 4th – 18th, and teams will be contacted directly to set them up.

Geographies will be divided into two groupings much like they would have been if FIRST Championship was taking place. One winner and two finalists will be identified in each group. Here are how the regions are divided between the groups:

Detroit Group Houston Group
Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region China Region
FIRST Chesapeake District FIRST in Texas District
FIRST in Michigan District FIRST Israel
FIRST Indiana District FIRST North Carolina District
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Florida Region
FIRST Ontario District Greater Central Valley Region
Illinois Region Greater Los Angeles Region
NE FIRST District Greater San Diego Region
New York & Quebec Region Greater San Francisco Bay Region
Upper Midwest Region Mexico Region
Upper Ohio River Region MoKan Region
Wisconsin Region Pacific Northwest District
Midwestern Plains Region Pacific Region
Peachtree District
Rocky Mountain Region
Southeastern Region
Southern Appalachian Region
Southwestern Region
Turkish Region

We’re looking forward to welcoming two new Hall of Fame teams this season!

Details on Unofficial Score Reporting

As we said in this blog, we have developed a way for teams that missed the March 5th opt-in deadline to still submit their INFINITE RECHARGESM at Home Skills Competition scores. Teams submitting this way will not be interviewed and will not be eligible for awards associated with the Skills Competition, but they will still be able to share their accomplishments with the broader community. These teams will be in the Samarium group.

You can participate in the Samarium group even if you were an opt-out previously (before March 5th), did not finish your Judged Component, or if you’ve not opted-into anything before. This means every team is eligible to participate in this unless you are already in an official group for the Skills Competition.

Both official and unofficial participants in the Skills Competition must submit their scores and videos by the deadline of April 8th at 3 PM Eastern Time. All submissions, including uploading of the videos, must be complete by this deadline. Submitting early is a great idea to make sure you hit that deadline!

For details on how to submit unofficial scores, we’ve published a Quick Start Guide for Skills Competition Unofficial Participants.

Both for official and unofficial participants, you can verify that you have properly submitted everything and are ‘good to go’ by referencing the At Home Challenges - Good to Go Guide.

I hope everyone is enjoying the At Home Challenges. Remember that April 8th at 3 PM Eastern Time is the deadline!



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