FRC Blog - Championship Updates

No Bag and Tag Inspection at Championship

We haven’t often found major issues with Bag and Tag at Championship, and this year we’ve had to squeeze inspection to make sure we can fit in all those rounds, so we’ve decided to eliminate the Bag and Tag inspection requirement. As soon as you uncrate, you can unbag your robots, no need to wait for an inspector. This information was in an email blast that went out to all Championship teams today.

Awards at Divisions

To make sure we end Division activities on time, so we can get a full hour of testing in on Einstein for the teams that make it, and to keep the award presentations moving at a steady pace, we’re going to be taking a different approach to awards on Divisions. The current plan is for judged awards to be presented in two groups, one before quarterfinals, and one before finals. For all awards except the Engineering Inspiration Award, we will be asking two members only of the team to come down to represent the entire team in receiving the award, rather than the entire team. We would have loved to have the entire team come down and be recognized, but with the size of the space we are dealing with, and the number of awards we have to hand out, we were very concerned this would not be a workable solution.

During the elimination matches, the team viewing area will be converted to a seating area for the two members of each team designated to receive any awards the team wins. This area will have direct access to the floor where the awards will be presented. This means the team viewing area will not be available for elimination rounds. We recognize there is a significant trade-off in this approach, but we feel this is the best solution at this time. We appreciate your patience as we work through all the changes this year. We’re sure to learn some things this year that will help us with next year’s plans.

Frank Answers Friday Live

There will be a live version of Frank Answers Fridays at 11AM on Friday (of course) April 25, on the second floor atrium in the America’s Center. This is an open Q and A for any questions you want to ask. Bring your pitchforks. (I’m joking about that last part. Please don’t bring actual pitchforks.)

Feedback for Frank

With the number of teams we’ll have at Championship, and as much as we have going on, I won’t be able to visit as many of you in the pits as I’d like too. But I’d still like to hear what you have to say. If you have some feedback for me, you can leave your name and team number with Pit Admin, telling them you have feedback for Frank, and I’ll try to swing by your pit. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get to everyone who asks, but I’ll do what I can.

Looking forward to a great Championship!


Saying this now - don’t be rude to Frank, most of your complaints are probably not even his decision.

+1 Frank for addressing community concerns, again.

I will now be taking orders for 2-inch 3D printed pitchforks :smiley:

100% chance of someone asking Frank about corndogs.

Would love to know where the 200 seats for match viewing/ 2 per team reps awaiting awards during division elims are located. A few rows on the railing all the way across the field or a section of many rows toward the corner of the field?