[FRC Blog] DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Logos, Pool Noodles...and Anybody Want This?

Posted on the FRC Blog, 6/8/2018: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2019-logos-and-more

DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Logos, Pool Noodles…and Anybody Want This?
2019 Game Logos are now available, pool noodles and cleaning out Frank’s office!
Written by Frank Merrick.*


With the early release DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE at Championship, we can do some pretty handy things, like getting official logos out to the community months before we normally would. So here you go! Get your official logos here!


Pool Noodles**

You will be needing pool noodles for bumpers in the 2019 season. If your stock is running low, you may want to pick some up.

Anybody Want This?

It’s not old, it’s vintage*

I’ve had this display board of the 2015 Control System hanging around my office for a bit. It needs to find a loving home, or we’ll find a way to recycle it. If you want it, send an email to me at [email protected]. You may want to tell me why you want it also, just in case I get a couple requests, so I have some way other than a lottery to figure out who gets it. You’ll have to pay the shipping costs but we can figure that out later.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter if you are south of the equator)!

Does the giveaway mean that the electronics system is going to change next season? :confused:


Kind of disappointing to see that there is no 1 color of the white text on black background of the logo, just the inverse. At least we get vector files of all of them…

Right, totally forgot about this post… Thanks for clarification anyway! :slight_smile:

Does the 3 different versions of the letter E bug anyone else? The spacing between the center and top and bottoms seem weird when comparing the big and small E.

“DESTINATION” is one font, and I think “DEEP SPACE” is hand-made.

I would assume that the 1 color version is intended to be printed in any color, but I don’t know if it would count as “recoloring”

I see it as “recoloring,” but gimp has this nifty little “invert” button…

Phew, we won’t have a repeat of 2015 regarding bumpers

can someone post just the zipped files? i don’t have winzip and its not letting me open them any other way

nvmd i got it and Im not allowed to delete posts, so ill just post this to clarify

I don’t understand. Why would pool noodles ever go low or out of stock?:smiley:

We can buy them year round in AZ. I hadn’t considered how difficult it must be to obtain pool noodles in North Dakota in January.

They get a bit expensive when it’s -40 out.


2015 Control System
Banana for scale which was used in 2015 drawings
“…or we’ll find a way to recycle it.” (emphasis mine)

We’ll be stacking cargo boxes at a deep space docking station…

I don’t want the board, but can I have the banana?

There’s another week and a few days left until the solstice!

On a tangent as this thread seems to thrive on them, I did enjoy the relatively cool spring weather today (**only **up to 85F(30C) with a 75F(24C) dew point at 11:30) by eating lunch at one of the picnic tables near my office. About a quarter of the way through a Buffalo Chicken wrap and fries, I felt a tug at the back of my shirt, as if a few inches above the belt, reminding me of when my (FRC alumni) kids were toddlers. No one there. A few seconds later, again. Turned out to be a raccoon. While I’ve seen plenty of them over the years, this was the first time I’ve (knowingly) been within about 20 feet of one - and this one was tugging on my shirt begging for food. I had to stand and mime a kick to get the beastie to leave and stay gone. Even then, [s]he seemed more disappointed than scared. PLEASE don’t feed the wildlife!

Next to impossible even for warmer states :frowning:

Something interesting with the diagram is that the bridge appears to be connected to the USB port rather than the Ethernet port, and the VRM is only for the camera.