[FRC Blog] Did You Feel That?

Still no encrypted manual? Must be getting around to writing it and filling in the blue boxes.

I like the fact they are using Twitch.

PSA: our sponsor’s wifi has been known to block Twitch. Make sure you have access prior to next weekend!

Nothing like getting it done tomorrow!

Also. Water game. :smiley:

Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! :ahh:

Last year the manual was releasedWednesday before kickoff, so we still have a day or two and everything would still be roughly on the same pace.

This is why I’m less happy about the fact that they’re using Twitch. I know of a lot of teams that have had issues as they realized it was blocked too late. A lot of districts allow YouTube on teacher accounts since it can be an educational tool, but Twitch is marketed as a video game streaming service and as such is banned much more. I think it would help a lot of teams out if FIRST streamed on YouTube instead of Twitch.

I agree with this 100%. Twitch is blocked by our school, but YouTube is not. We can usually get it unblocked for a day, but it doesn’t always work right.

One good workaround is a VPN. We’ve VPN’d to someone’s work network before in order to get around the school’s blocking service.

Given the efforts of some in the past to amass a massive password dictionary in an attempt to decrypt it early, I have no problem if it were held until late afternoon on Thursday.

I don’t care so much about the manual, but if they don’t post soon we might not get the usual “can we guess the encryption key before kickoff” thread.

I’m sure if YouTube had FIRST alumni working there who reached out to FIRST to create the same type of beneficial relationship (including home page spotlights and providing broadcast talent) then FIRST would seriously consider broadcasting on YouTube instead of Twitch.

Isint this the whole reason FIRST is using Twitch right now though? I know more than a few of the Twitch staff are FIRST alum and pop into streams regularly, I doubt FIRST would just jump ship for a new platform with this relationship already started…

I know that at least 1 of the hosts of the FoC stream from Twitch was a FIRST Alumnus, I think the female host was the Alumnus.

Besides the encrypted manual, don’t they usually tell us the dimensions of the KOP items we will be picking up on saturday by now?

Except that not downloading it prior to Saturday makes for a very busy website getting hit at the same time during kickoff.

It’s not the whole reason, but it was a big pro-active part of the decision making. Same reason why both FUN and RSN are Twitch partners. There’s no way any of us (including FIRST) would qualify otherwise.

Anna Prosser-Robinson (the female host) is, unfortunately, not a FIRST alumna. The Fesitval of Champions was, I believe, her first exposure to FIRST. Her co-host at the event, Zach, is an alumni of Team Element (FRC 4).

Jet turbines induce similar resonant frequencies in the free water we get on an airplane. Flying game confirmed.

So all the robots are going to be ‘walkers’, eh?

Did I miss the blog post about the size of the KOP? Normally we get one about now.

Kop size and encrypt manual will be coming soon from what I was told