[FRC Blog] Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct

Posted on the FRC Blog 11/6/17 by Frank Merrick

Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct
Written by Frank Merrick.

Our friends at Automation Direct are once again sponsoring the FIRST Robotics Competition Digital Animation Award! Check out all the details here.

There will be a single winner of this award, and maybe some runners-up, just like last year. The winner will be presented with a trophy at one of their Regional or District events. And the winning animation may get played at official events during the season!

Animations may be submitted starting this Thursday, November 9. All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, January 22, 2018. Late submissions will not be considered, so please make plans to submit on time, or better yet, early! Last year we had 103 submissions, we’d love to see even more.

Thanks so much to Automation Direct for sponsoring this award!


Not sure how nobody got to this one yet…

The slow decline of respect for computer animation production as a unique skill set emphasized by the program, from both sponsors and mentors?

EDIT: I started out with a pithy one-liner, but realistically with the march of Moore’s Law and the proliferation of open-source tools, the technological difficulty of complex animations is much, much, much lower than it used to be.
This is a Good Thing and the students involved can now emphasize creation of a coherent story or advert instead of having to put engineering effort into the production pipeline. Creation of a coherent story or advert is not FIRST’s core competency, nor a competency particularly advocated for by our sponsors and mentors, and thus the reduction in emphasis makes sense.

Seth, I know you read these forums sometimes - do you have any of 192’s old animations kicking around, circa 2001-2005? I was best friends with a team member’s little brother, and that team member showed me some of the animations that were saved on their home computer. I remember being blown away. IIRC it was before Finding Nemo came out, which places my memory before May 2003?

Side note, anyone ready to feel old? You know Cars, that new movie which just came out under the combined Disney*Pixar studio label after Jobs sold Pixar to Disney? It is over 10 years old. And transformed into a franchise when we weren’t looking.