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**Divisions and Preliminary Match Schedules
**Blog Date: **Friday, April 18, 2014 - 16:19

How We Assigned Teams to Divisions

Wondering how we assigned teams to *FIRST *Championship Divisions this year? First, we assigned Rookies, taking all Rookies signed up for Championship and putting them team by team sequentially in Divisions - one team in Division 1, one team in Division 2, one team in Division 3, one team in Division 4, then back to Division 1 again - in the order in which they registered for CMP, until we ran out of Rookies. This made sure no Division was over- or under-weighted with these least experienced of all FRC teams. Then, we took the Veterans and did the same thing. That’s it.

Preliminary, Preliminary, Preliminary

With our final team (lucky Team 48, Delphi E.L.I.T.E.) being added to the Championship roster Thursday, we have a full slate and are ready to release preliminary qualification and practice schedules. The distinguishing feature of these preliminary schedules is that they are preliminary. While we expect these schedules will be the ones we will be following at Championship, we can’t guarantee it. They could change, as an example, if a team scheduled to attend does not make it. This is rare, but has happened in the past.

**Do not use these schedules, marked ‘Preliminary’, at Championship. Every team will be receiving new schedules at the event not marked ‘Preliminary’. Use these instead at the event. They are likely to be the same, but are not guaranteed to be so.
If we need to deviate from these preliminary schedules at Championship, we will do our best to let everyone know, however, teams themselves are responsible for following the correct schedules at the event – the schedules not marked ‘Preliminary’.

We release these preliminary schedules to help teams plan their activities and to assist the bookies. (I’m joking about that last part. Please don’t bet on FRC matches.)

Just like at other events, teams can participate in scheduled practice matches without having passed full Inspection. To participate in the Filler Line, a team must have passed full Inspection.

You can find the schedules below:

Free Corn Dogs

Corn Dog - Not Free

There will be no free corn dogs at the *FIRST *Championship. There will especially be no free corn dogs at the *FIRST *Championship for Jared from the Poofs. No free corn dogs for you.


Welp, I guess #niceguyFrank is no more. :frowning:

Awww. I wanted a corn dog… ::ouch::

Also, that seems like a very good way to randomize all the teams. Because it is inherently going to be random anyway, without requiring too much work.

That division assignment… mind = blown. And here we’ve all been thinking it’s some super-complicated super-secret random number generator!

but if mentors can’t have corn dogs, how about the students? :wink:

Also really loving the whole ten qualification matches thing, thanks FIRST <3

Sweet, hopefully these match schedule stay somewhat similar. ::rtm::

Also, props to Frank for recognizing the CD community and other issues at hand. It’s pretty sweet to have a guy like him in charge, even if mentors won’t get free corn dogs. :smiley:


Taunting us with promises of corndogs. Only weeks ago the nation experienced its most tragic corndog-related tragedy in decades. The corndog manufacturers of America need our support now more than ever.


Actually I hope not!!

I’m dying XD. Jared, this is too great!

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Jared Russell again.

This made my day.

Quickest way to get a FIRSTer out of the house? Post the preliminary Champs match schedule. Pages were barely out of the printer before son grabbed them and headed for the Bot Shop!

Since Frank’s bookies are getting things together, I’d like to know the odds on this bet:

If the poofs win Einstein: Frank has to buy Jared a Corndog
Otherwise: Jared buys Frank a Corndog

Don’t get me wrong, I love the poofs. But since they are on another division, I think I’m gonna put the odds on otherwise. :smiley:

Have you seen Barrage in person? #CheesyChampions2014

I have not. I absolutely plan on taking a close look at worlds, because that machine is beautiful.

And its only because we are on another field. I think that they are one of the best robots this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them win it all.

Now if that bet was win there division, I would take that in a heartbeat.

Wanna trade schedules, Glenn? The incredibly accurate OPR based match predictor has you guys winning one more than us:D