[FRC Blog] DLC Pack #2 and International Game Piece Option

Posted on the FRC Blog, 10/26/2017: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2018-dlc2-game-piece-opt-in

**DLC Pack #2 and International Game Piece Option
**Written by Frank Merrick

**DLC Pack #2
Downloadable Content Pack #2 for FIRST POWER UP is now available! Check it out here. We’re going all kinds of 8-bit artsy on this one. Have fun! And a big thanks to Valerie Shum, special contributor to this pack!

**International Game Piece Option
As we said in this blog, teams outside the United States have the option of receiving an extra set of game elements with their Kickoff Kits in exchange for a 20% reduction in their FIRST Choice Credits. The window for selecting this option is open now and closes at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, November 9th. Full details are in the prior blog, but if you are a team outside the United States and wish to exercise this option, be sure to do so before the deadline!


Working on my tutorial for DLC Pack #2 was tons of fun! I’m thankful to have received this opportunity, and really encourage you all to make your own pixelated icons in order to prepare for the season.

I’m sure that having some kids become veteran pixel artists is a great way to get rookie members involved, and I hope I get to see tons of icons in the upcoming season.

Thanks for your contribution Val!