[FRC Blog] Duck Vine

Coming soon to an FRC event near you:
Airhorns in the background

Check the admin manual 4.12.3

Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now
We got a real jam goin’ down
Welcome to the Space Jam
Here’s your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam,

Whammy chicken.

This bin holds the entire supply of game pieces currently in North America. All the others will need to be imported by teams. Expect to receive them about 2 days before Bag n Tag - plus or minus a week.

A seagull rather than a duck:


Notice the fork trucks in the background as he backs away from the ducks.

Forklift Simulator game confirmed. Again.

If that’s the game piece I’m buying a safe to lock it in when we don’t need it…

Y’all just don’t understand

  1. Those ducks have no bones
  2. First never shows game pieces
  3. The missing bones must be the game pieces.
  4. The game will be a takeoff on operation.
  5. Start working on your manipulation arms & hands.

Our team as it is should get some sort of locking mechanism for old game pieces. Old Basketballs from Rebound Rumble are sometimes thrown at least once during meetings and practices. Same goes with exercise balls from Aerial Assist. Frisbee come out of storage time to time. So much chaos :wink: With that said, I don’t think we will have to worry about anyone using totes or recycle bins as toys next year… haha.

Presenting the 2016 FRC game: Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is played by two alliances of three robots each in a 54 foot by 27 foot arena with rubber ducks starting perched in and around a variety of field structures. The objective of Duck Hunt is to ‘hunt’ as many ducks as possible and retrieve them using your alliance’s Duck Obtainment Gizmo, or D.O.G. The D.O.G. is a wheeled receptacle that starts in front of your alliance’s player station and can be pushed around the field.

You score one point for every duck that ends up in the D.O.G. at the end of the match. Robots may pick up and manipulate (or even throw) ducks in order to feed them to the D.O.G. Special bonus ducks are worth 3 points each, and start perched higher than the maximum robot height limit of 60" (no vertical extension is allowed). To knock down bonus ducks, robots and human players may throw/shoot Poof Balls at them. But be careful! You’ll want to park your D.O.G. (or maybe a teammate) underneath first to make sure the opponent doesn’t get them all!

Additional bonus points can be earned by shooting Poof Balls at your OPPONENT’s D.O.G. One point is awarded for each Poof Ball that ends the match inside the D.O.G.

Good luck, and watch out for flying ducks!

Duck Hunt?


Frank isn’t giving us a hint.

He’s inferring that on a match-by-match basis, the aggregate group of us will be fine with this game. But on a holistic scale, there will be a fragmented group who will be so annoyed with the upcoming game that they will come together and consider sacking FIRST HQ.

sounds like a prediction for every season.

Great use of 2d parts to achieve complex 3d geometry!

Yes. That might not every get old

Ice cream also has no bones. I think there is a connection…

Ducks McGucks?
(Or, technically, Seagull McGeegull)

Seriously: This may have been a potential game piece in for testing. The background looks like the basement of FIRST Place.

My dad used to sing, “I love bananas, because they have no bones.”

You obviously missed Solar Slingshot. (It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping in one!)

'F it were my dad, it would have been “b’nanas got no b’nones”, “b’nanas got no b’nones”.

Bonus ducks!