[FRC Blog] End of Season and Championship Divisions

Did we just get really overwhelmed by divisions, or is my inability to search going to embarrass me? It seems this was posted two days ago, @Hallry and I certainly didn’t notice.


Posted on the FRC Blog, 4/13/23 by Collin Fultz.

End of Season and Championship Divisions

Apr 13, 2023 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Program Director

Over the last six weeks, more than 3300 FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams have competed in more than 15,000 matches across more than 160 events. Teams have won more than 3000 awards and impacted the lives of more than 80,000 students.

None of that could be possible without the more than 12,000 event volunteers and nearly 28,000 volunteer mentors. To those that volunteer their time to make this program and organization a success each and every season: Thank you!

I also want to extend a huge thank you to our local Program Delivery Partners! Though teams may only interact with them at events, these folks put their hearts and souls into supporting FIRST teams and programs in their regions all year. You can find their contact information on the Find Local Support page if you want to reach out and tell them “Thank you” for all that they do.

And we aren’t done yet!

Teams load in for the FIRST ® Championship presented by BAE Systems in less than one week! I can’t wait to see more than 600 teams from 19 countries in one building for our largest event ever!

Division assignments are now live and are on this frc-events page. We may have a few teams still register. Those teams will be sorted into divisions and added to the lists as they confirm.

Speaking of Divisions – we’ve tailored the layout on our Championship Information Page to help you swiftly navigate Wednesday morning team load in and find your team’s pit. The page now includes the location of each Division’s pits. A map with each team’s pit location will be on the page early next week.

See you soon!


Hmm :thinking:
Really going all in on the Taylor Swift theme huh


Ok, now I’m convinced.


If it is true we cannot let the swifties find out


I wonder if the Swifty (Swiftie?) online forums are abuzz about Dean Kamen possibly making an appearance at the concerts?


Dean is the best ambassador for nerds everywhere that I have ever met. He speaks for us to business leaders, being a pretty good one himself. He speaks for us to political leaders also, including several presidents. And he has shared stages with entertainers. Taylor Swift is a big deal, and I think Dean can match that moment if he ends up on a stage with her.


Do you think Collin is just trolling us or what?


This man drank the Kool-Aid and I’m here for it.


Maybe next year’s game is related to the fabric arts and he’s just dropping hints.
Welcome to the 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition and this year’s game “Tailor Swift” brought to you by Joann Fabric.


Teams must use their robots to build a set of bumpers!


Just feeding red herrings.


Pulling a couple threads from across CD together, that means Cardigans are appropriate pit attire.


Keep in mind Taylor has concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week. Although I have been hoping beyond hope that she would make a surprise appearance before or during Einsteins, with that schedule it logistically isn’t possible. *cries in swiftie*


And doing a great job of it. Unfortunately, he’ll probably have to go back to water game hints after champs.

Bonus points for the robot being able to swap bumper colours during the Autonomous Period.

FWIW: Collin is a huge Taylor Swift fan and that would be a guess to him adding this in.

I’ve always found Dean to be an unlikable egotist, rather than an effective ambassador.

It’s hard to forget the experience of 2019 Einstein, where my team had to miss finals because he felt it necessary to throw t-shirts to the crowd and talk at length about how important his business friends are.


You can’t leave out his arguably greatest invention though, the coca-cola freestyle machine which has allowed cherry vanilla coke to exist.

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Yeah, but ordinary plain old coke out of one of those shared nozzles always tastes off. It’s the worst.