[FRC Blog] Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I)

Excellent point, those who tend to get up in arms in the name of a cause would do well to recognize this.

I feel seen :joy:


“The Free Champs Registration Award for Teams that aren’t Quite so Good in Impact: Brought to you by Zoolander NASA”


Hey, I’ve got a cash bounty for an event that plays nothing but quiet classical music for background noise. It’s at least $5… maybe even $10.

I would hope that given COVID and the clear association with shouting/yelling that we could get the volume turned down this year but that doesn’t seem to be on any event precautions I have seen so far.


Fair but then change the reason on the list because right now it makes it seem like they are not playing it because it’s Korean–as if there’s inherently a problem with all Korean music.


This is part of the Ontario COVID-19 Event Protocols for Respiratory Etiquette.

Event audio levels will be lowered to facilitate easier communication without the need
for yelling and shouting


I asked this question to the FIRST Chesapeake folks in August of last year and got this “No” answer. Maybe they’ve reconsidered since then!

I will give you an example… at MTI [Maryland Tech Invitational] they played music… people were… I’m wouldn’t say they were necessarily shouting but… they get excited and maybe sing along or whatever. As long as the folks were keeping kind of in their own little pod, they were keeping the whole team was together over there and not close to anybody else, that’s kind of what we were running through. So that’s kind of what we would see happening in here, I mean without having all the extra people at the event, playing you know, you’re not going to have as much going on anyway. If you have 10 team members there, they’re usually pretty busy doing stuff. So when there’s dead space in there, we’ll probably play music just like we always have.

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Yeah, good point. If that is the reason then label it as such “significant copyright concerns”

For the rest of you all that are all up in arms I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation other that the music just being “Korean”. The angsty group think always seems to find the worst in people.


Know of anyone who is willing to let me use their address in Ontario?


I agree.
I am glad that FIRST made this change. I also like that they consulted HOF Teams and Chief Judge Advisors in the process. I think it is hard to pick one word to encompass all that the award is about, but they did a good job settling on FIRST Impact.


This is quick and dirty because I don’t have the time right now but here’s a breakdown of the reasons songs are on the Do Not Play List:

If this is of interest to people I can do a more thorough breakdown later when I have more time.



i’m willing to add $5 or even $10 to this


FWIW I looked at ALL the reasons songs could be on that list and honestly it’s a hot mess. Examples include:

  • Creepy
  • Funerals
  • Shaming
  • Breakup
  • Ukraine
  • Tempo

Any chance we can make this official FIRST policy everywhere? I don’t know about other people, but coming away from events with ringing ears and no voice is not fun.


I just found it funny that Kpop (well, BTS, but is the average CD reader going to know any other Kpop bands past BTS) was banned tbh.

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Yeah, this is undoubtedly a living document with dozens of hasty edits by many people. I wouldn’t expect it to be immaculate. But maybe it is time to go through and clean it up for some internal consistency.


SIGH. Still waiting for the day “Jump in the Line” finally makes it onto the DNP list.

I honestly think that these (except “Ukraine”) are reasonable, albeit very specific. This is probably an effort to keep the events positive and help everyone feel safe.

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I’m just genuinely curious what it is now. Not that I have a ton of skin in the game, but I do try to maintain an as-friendly-as-possible Spotify playlist for background noise at the warehouse. Being in that middle-class-white-male-never-lived-outside-the-midwest category, I’ve found people have problems and reasons I’ve never fathomed, and like to understand it in the effort to inform my own views… and possibly playlists.

Does anyone know if Will.I.Am knows he is on the naughty music list? I can’t imagine he would find that to be MFD.


Agreed but full disclosure loud music doesn’t make everyone feel safe. For people with sensory issues or neurological ones (chronic migraine) the loud music is very worrisome.

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