[FRC Blog] Event Preferencing Opening, Winners, and Volunteer Registration Opening


Didn’t see this up yet–anybody see Ryan around?

Event Preferencing Opening

Celebratory Cheese Roll (Don’t Do This)
Event preferencing opened as expected Thursday, September 20. In celebration of a smooth opening, our IT Department participated in their traditional Cheese Roll in the official FIRST HQ Cheese Rolling arena. Preferences are open and the cheese has been rolled! Huzzah!!!

By 1 PM ET on Thursday, we had 619 teams submit their preferences. This is a great start. And while there is no advantage to entering your preferences early, you absolutely want to make sure you enter them by the preferencing deadline of Noon ET, Thursday, September 27. If you don’t enter your preferences by the deadline, you are guaranteed to be at the end of a very long line of teams trying to get the events they want. That won’t lead to any cheese rolling on your part, celebratory or otherwise, believe me.

Want to know more about event preferencing? See the user guide here and the FAQ here. One key point: You don’t need to pay for your season registration to enter your event preferences! Payment isn’t due until November 19!

We’ll be cranking through that event assignment process and sending teams notifications of where they have been assigned on Friday, September 28.

Winners, Winners

Congratulations to our Name the Planet contest winners, FRC Team 365, Miracle Workerz, from Wilmington, Delaware, USA and FRC Team 5926, Da MOOse, from Port Huron, Michigan, USA. It’s Planet Primus for Destination: Deep Space! And thanks to our season sponsors, The Boeing Company, for assisting with the selection! Primus means “first” in Latin.

Also, congratulations to FRC Team 4188, Columbus Space Program, from Columbus, Georgia, USA for being the lucky recipient of a grant from FIRST HQ to cover their initial registration fee for the 2019 season. They were one of 3,361 teams to be Event Ready by Noon Thursday and were randomly selected from that group to receive that grant. A big thanks to all teams that got Event Ready early! This helps ensure a smooth start to the season for everyone.

Volunteer Registration is Now Open!

FRC Events are now open for volunteering! Sign up to volunteer today by logging into your firstinspires account and clicking the Volunteer Registration tab. Your dashboard will look like this:
Click the ‘Vounteer at an event’ panel on the left, and you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:
Here, you can filter events to find those that best meet your availability and interests, then select and apply for the events you’d like.

I’m so excited to have this season finally launching!


Already signed up for my regular season events. I’m waiting for registration for the championships events to open up.




Heck of a random draw.


You know, that hill looks a lot like the hill down to the ballfield at Dean’s house. I’m sure it isn’t, thought, because it’s not properly mowed…