[FRC Blog] Event Rules Updates For 2024

I like that this will finally be going back into the main game manual! So many people were unaware that you needed to download a second manual. It was even worse that second location was the QA website portal.

I even had to put special notes on FRC zero about this, so now I’ll have to update that section. Worth it.


I think this will begin the rise of the small cart meta.


Large cart for outside the field, with a detachable inner cart for placement… Like Robowranglers 2015 Batman and Robin but for transporting a robot, not a tote


I think this is going to make a real difference in reducing injury at events. Thank you FIRST.


I kind of feel like they could both include the Event Manual in the Game Manual, and also release that chapter before Kickoff? Unless there’s somehow something game-specific in the event manual? (Maybe something along the lines of the Stronghold banners, where it’s not really gameplay-affecting but tells you something about how the field might be laid out?) More likely it’s just that their workflow is easier having everything done at once, though.


Emcees everywhere rejoice! I’m ready for legislation.



I might suggest that the rule also make some mention of the height of the robot cart. I can imagine top heavy robots, placed on an overly tall cart, could tip over if they hit the field gate ramp at a weird angle. It will be hard to codify exactly what carts are “too tippy”, but maybe start with “less than 24 inches (0.6 m) tall”?


As someone who got injured tripping over the side rails and taking out a scoring stand doing exactly this, I fully support the new cart rules.


I love the update to the rules allowing a small cart onto the field, I’m just disappointed that our current cart is 8in too long :sweat_smile:

(totally our own issue, not advocating here for a longer limit).


As an Emcee, I’m LOVING the flag rule.

The headsets that NEFIRST uses don’t fit me so I have to use a handheld mic all the time which limits me to having one hand available to wave a teams flag. There were a few teams this year at my events who thought it was cool to use a solid aluminum pole and a giant duct tape flag and I had to tell them to stop bringing it to the field cause I just can’t lift it.


I don’t know the weight, but our flag is 3x5ft (E115 suggested under 3x4). How stringent is this going to be?

Surely it needs to be tall enough that the robot riding on it goes over the wall (unless you have a quite tiny robot)?

Agree, I heard someone tore their ACL at one of our events because they tripped on a part of the grid carrying a robot. This is a good decision.

Not really, the opening is ~38 inches. That’s large enough for a 30" wide robot.


Really glad FIRST is allowing a robot assist on the field. We had a driver get his leg hurt backing onto the field gate this offseason and could have been much worse (to him) if he dropped the bot on himself. Need to make sure the small carts are used to get the bot onto the field and into position instead of only for use getting off the field. People rush too much around the field so this is a good step forward.


E606 is a great update and a result of community feedback, both here on ChiefDelphi, and through emails from teams and PDPs. It was pure luck that I happened to see that post and was able to pass it on to HQ. The preferred route for community feedback/ideas is to email [email protected] so that the information can get passed to the appropriate HQ Staff.


it will be up to each Emcee if they are comfortable waving the flag that is above the limits. We know this rule is new and your team may already have a flag that is above the limits, we will be providing guidance to Emcees to be more lenient this first year.

Your flag will most likely be fine as long as the weight is reasonable, I can’t imagine the extra foot of length makes too much of a difference.

I like to share my unsolicited feedback through many channels. It’s one of my most medium traits.


This may be the best day of my 20+ years in FIRST.