[FRC Blog] Experiencing "Deep Space": a VR Project Update


As mentioned in this August blog, we’re working on a way to present the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Presented By The Boeing Company playing field a few different ways. Our goal is to assemble a portfolio of assets that help teams experience the field with informative (maybe even fun) assets.

Before we get down to brass tacks though, I want to express my gratitude to Suppliers that are supporting this effort on our first ever VR Team:

Today, we published a new Playing Field webpage. There you’ll find a table with general information about what’s on the docket as well as more detail (you’ll also see a fair number of “TBDs” and “pendings” which will be updated closer to and then at Kickoff).

Lastly, we don’t usually disclose what’s in the Kickoff Kit before TBD (the big day), but we’re making an exception to let you know that Siemens has generously donated a Google Cardboard to each kit (that’s more than 4,000 donated!). So, bring your phones!

Playing field link: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/playing-field

Good to know about the Cardboards! Also, cool to see that they do appear to have some AR options.

It will be fun to watch all the videos after kick off of people walking around the field with their heads down looking at the field, bumping into walls, and falling over.

I haven’t been able to get the executable to run on my WIndows 10 computer. I have a Vive with Steam VR and would love to try it out. Anything I need to do other than unzipping the files and running the top level .exe?

For the AutomationDirect VR Sim make sure you have SteamVR running. It was built on SteamVR to ensure compatibility with as many headsets as possible.

Anybody get the Cardboard to be usable. Sorry to say the Vuforia option seems to be only a augmented reality and not very useful. I find most of the time I’m chasing the field across the room as it float away.

Teams with out the resource of an HTC Vive or Oculus are at a real disadvantage this year for opportunities to view a field until hopefully they can build one themselves of someone near by does.