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2023 FIRST ® Championship Information

2022 OCT 20 | Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST ® Robotics Competition Program Director

Plans are being finalized for the 2023 FIRST ® Championship event. While we don’t yet have all the details confirmed, we wanted to share what we know now.

The 2023 FIRST Championship will host even more FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams than 2022. In fact, it may end up being our biggest event ever! We’re planning for at least 600 FIRST Robotics Competition teams spread across 8 divisions. FIRST Robotics Competition will occupy the entire first floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

We’re still working through the exact details of how teams will qualify for the event during the 2023 season. We know that we will still have a waitlist, which teams can join starting October 27, 2022 through the FIRST Dashboard.

The following teams will be pre-qualified for the 2023 FIRST Championship based on their performance at the 2022 FIRST Championship:

  • 2022 FIRST Championship Winners: 1619, 254, 3175, 6672
  • 2022 Chairman’s Award Finalists: 1511, 2438, 2468, 6429, 6652
  • 2022 Engineering Inspiration Award Winners: 2096, 2341, 2905, 3928, 4329, 5985
  • 2022 Chairman’s Award Winner: 1629

The FIRST Impact Award, formerly the Chairman’s Award, is the most prestigious award in the program and is the only way FIRST Robotics Competition teams can enter the Hall of Fame. To honor this achievement, Hall of Fame teams that earned their Chairman’s Award at the last ten FIRST Championships prior to 2022 are also pre-qualified teams. These teams are:

  • Team 27, Team RUSH
  • Team 359, Hawaiian Kids
  • Team 503, Frog Force
  • Team 597, The Wolverines
  • Team 987, HIGHROLLERS
  • Team 1114, Simbotics
  • Team 1311, Kell Robotics
  • Team 1538, The Holy Cows
  • Team 1816, The Green Machine
  • Team 1902, Exploding Bacon
  • Team 2614, Mountaineer Area RoboticS (MARS)
  • Team 2834, Bionic Black Hawks
  • Team 3132, Thunder Down Under
  • Team 4613, Barker Redbacks



just for reference this is 150 more teams than last year!


buying one of these, parking it outside GRB, and charging $20 for a weekend pass https://www.stallionrents.com/product/14-4-door-suite-restroom/


This is good news, but I’m a bit worried. The GRB had issues this year with a lack of bathroom and food vendor capacity when there were 450 teams. Hopefully they make some improvements to ramp up for 2023.


This is great news! I was really looking forward to a few more years of one championship, but I was a bit concerned about the ways teams would have to qualify. With the expansion, I’m hoping the qualification criteria will be at least somewhat closer to how it used to be.

Something of note: with 8 divisions, will Einstein be a round robin still, double elimination, or something else?


Hope everyone has an 8x8 pit layout ready


No sleeping bags in pits?

Trying to make your own urine river, ala Battlebots?


This is the quality content that I come here for.



Does this mean that second picks on a regional winning alliance will auto-qualify for champs?

Until they say it specifically, no.


Another thought:. How to improve the spectator experience for Einstein, with two extra field with of bleachers.

Here’s my favorite idea: roll out white tarps over the unused fields. Project a top view of Einstein onto the tarps


Do Einstein in the Toyota Center


I wasn’t at 2022 champs, but my experience with large venues like GRB is that there is pretty much always additional capacity for such things and it’s a matter of the client (FIRST) requesting or paying for more resources. With food, they’ll usually staff up based on your estimated number of attendees – or the amount of revenue you guarantee them. This is likely in FIRST’s hands to improve. Bathrooms are another story, and someone who was at 2022 should weigh in, but I’d find it surprising if FIRST Champs took up 100% of bathroom capacity in GRB. If that’s the case, sounds like FIRST should start getting some quotes on porta potties.


That’s a lot of teams.

The Big I in FIRST.
More teams mean a more inspirational champ for more students. I’m in.


“I’m not paying that much to use Restroom 34”


Hmm… the capacity is about 18k. I wonder if that would be enough. It would be a great venue if it was.


Downvote to moving Einstein. Its a pain and hurts competitive integrity.