[FRC Blog] FIRST Choice Priority Lists Due

Posted on the FRC Blog, 12/2/14: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-first-choice-priority-lists-due

FIRST Choice Priority Lists Due

Blog Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 12:06

We wanted to remind teams that your Priority Lists for [i]FIRST Choice are due tomorrow, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at noon eastern. As a reminder, in order to have access to your FIRST Choice log-in information, your team needs to have registered and secured payment with a Purchase Order, Payment, or Letter of Commitment from a Sponsor. At this point, almost 350 teams have submitted Priority Lists.

Each Team has 600 credits available, though none show up in your cart. After the Priority List draft is complete, each Team’s remaining credits will be added to their account. It is recommended to have more than 2000 credits of items on your Priority List, as it is possible to not get everything on your Priority List.

If your team has successfully submitted your Priority List, your main contact will have received a confirmation email from AndyMark.

If you’re having trouble with the FIRST Choice site](FCbyAM - Everything), please contact AndyMark at [email protected]. If you don’t see your log-in information in TIMS but think that you should, please contact FRC Team Support at [email protected].

As a reminder, Teams will be notified of their Priority List draft results by noon, December 5, 2014. FIRST Choice opens for live “traditional” orders at noon, December 6, 2014.

We will be adding parts (and credits) to FIRST Choice at Kickoff. More details on that process will be posted very soon.

Interesting only 350 teams have submitted, I’ve been trying to make a reasonable guess at the number of teams that would submit and that’s a lot lower than I ever thought. Hopefully people are just waiting till the last day.

It lower than I would expect but I imagine it will shoot up in these last ~23 hours.

I know we have a list created, but not yet submitted. With the thanksgiving holiday, it’s been difficult to get input from everyone involved in team leadership. The final touches will be made tonight and the list submitted. No sense rushing ourselves last week!

Yes but the question is by how much, are we even going to see half of the registered FRC teams take advantage of this opportunity?

The process has never worked this way before so it is hard to tell what a normal number of submissions at this time is. I know that my team has yet to submit and we will also be finishing our list later tonight.

We have started a list and will be completing/submitting it tonight. We didn’t have meetings the week of Thanksgiving so we haven’t discussed it much. Have a feeling many other teams are in the same boat.

According to the flow chart there is supposed to be a “public list of received Priority Lists”. Anyone know where this list is actually made public?


Thanks. Looks like we’re at slightly over 1000 teams now.

1692 teams are listed as entering Priority Lists by noon. (Don’t know if the list has had it’s last update yet or not)

Better than half (58%) of the currently registered 2922 teams.

Not sure how much this helps, but we submitted at 10:21, and we’re on the list.

We submitted at 11:50, and we’re on the list as well.

Just after noon the list was missing 250 teams (even some who had been on it yesterday), but it sounds like everyone who’s anyone is now on it.
I probably just caught it mid-update.

Well . . . it looks like the FIRST Choice site is down now. I wouldn’t imagine there was a flood of activity as large as last year. Maybe when FIRST sent the priority lists over it caused a problem? Or maybe they just shut it down manually.

So, since some items had a maximum order limit and we know the number of priority teams, what are the odds of getting an item if every team ordered the same things at max quantity?
Of course the actual odds are better than this, since not all teams want all of these items.

The lesson here is to have ranked our order list to optimize our chances of getting everything we want. Victors, for instance, were a no-brainer for putting at the end of the 600 credit mark on the Priority List and still being assured of getting them. But if a seat motor was your must have selection, then it belonged at the very top.

We can further refine the estimate of the odds by modeling the many passes through the priority list, but who has time for that?

odds ------ Description
123.9% – Victor 888 (fc15-019)
70.9% ---- Parker Fitting Kit (fc15-065)
58.9% ---- Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 Camera (fc15-016)
41.3% ---- Digital Multimeter & DVD (fc15-056)
36.1% ---- Pneumatic Pressure Switch (fc15-113)
32.1% ---- 12" Lazy Susan (fc15-035)
30.4% ---- HS-322HD Servo (fc15-063)
30.3% ---- Green Ring Light (fc15-033)
29.6% ---- Ethernet Port Saver (fc15-030)
29.6% ---- Encoder Kit (fc15-039)
28.1% ---- E12 Classmate (fc15-006)
27.8% ---- Battery Charger (fc15-005)
24.4% ---- Crimping Tool (fc15-038)
23.6% ---- Quadro K4000 Video Card (fc15-114)
16.0% ---- cRIO, 4-slot Controller and I/O Kit (fc15-049)
14.9% ---- Freelin-Wade Red Tubing (fc15-011)
14.8% ---- AndyMark 9015 Motor (fc15-002)
14.8% ---- 12V Battery (fc15-008)
14.8% ---- REV Protoboard (fc15-029)
14.8% ---- Freelin-Wade Black Tubing (fc15-009)
14.8% ---- Freelin-Wade Blue Tubing (fc15-010)
12.3% ---- Black Jaguar (fc15-034)
11.4% ---- Freelin-Wade Transparent Blue Tubing (fc15-012)
7.4% ----- AndyMark Snow Blower Motor (fc15-003)
7.1% ----- iglide® PRT slewing ring (fc15-103)
4.6% ----- Black Jaguar (fc15-118)
2.8% ----- Seat Motor (fc15-037)

I assure you, *someone *has time for that.

Here’s our priority list. It gets a little silly towards the bottom but hopefully we won’t have to go down that far. Seeing as this is the first year I’m betting teams are interested in seeing how other teams filled out their lists.

What’s with having 1100 credits of breakers spread over 7 line items?

I never figured out if the system would actually assign incomplete quantities or not and didn’t matter that much to me to ask. Plus we are in dire need of breakers and I don’t want to buy them. If I got 600 credits of breakers I wouldn’t be upset.