[FRC Blog] FIRST Choice Round 2!


*Please see the note below from the Kit of Parts team:

*We’re happy to announce that we have items to add to FIRST Choice. We’ll be employing the same Priority List Process used in Round 1 (described here, but with an updated graphic here), and issuing 300 additional credits to each team’s account. Any unused credits from Round 1 will be incorporated in to the team’s account during the Priority List assignment.

The schedule for Round 2 is as follows:

[INDENT]- 01/02/15, noon Eastern: FIRST Choice closes

  • 01/03/15, noon Eastern: new items are visible in FIRST Choice & Priority List Round 2 begins

  • 01/09/15, noon Eastern: Round 2 Priority Lists due (complete with credit card info to authorize shipping costs)

  • 01/12/15, noon Eastern: AndyMark to notify each Team of their Priority List results

  • 01/13/15, noon Eastern: FIRST Choice reopens for traditional ordering

  • 04/17/15, noon Eastern: FIRST Choice closes for the 2015 FRC season

Good luck!

Wonder what the new stuff is.

Maybe a Dart linear actuator…

Game pieces and new speed controllers?

maybe having an extra 100 credits we didn’t use in round 1 will come in handy?
Really liking how this FIRST Choice is working this year.

We still have 300 left. I’m glad we haven’t found anything useful to buy yet.

I don’t understand why they would have a week for window shopping during build season. This seems like an unnecessary delay. With the given calendar I wouldn’t expect to see anything arrive until two weeks after kickoff.

In the offseason time doesn’t really matter but if I’m trying to get something during the build season an extra week of lead time is killer. Give people a day and a half to look at things and call it good.

Because not all teams meet every day. Some teams only meet on the weekends.

Curious whether quantity limits on some items (like those 4,751 available victors) will be relaxed for the second round.

During the season? Wouldn’t those teams have some other method of communicating between meetings? I really doubt a team could field any sort of a effective robot in 12 days of work.

I never said competitive.

You’d be surprised at how many teams out there only work 5-10 hours a week. There are definitely greatly varying levels of team involvement in FRC.

The scheduled open date is noon on kickoff. Surely teams meet sometime in the day and a half after that.

Probably. I missed FC game pieces last year.

If I can get a an SRX through FIRST Choice I’ll give up coffee for the first week of build.

You would like to make that assumption. It’s not always true.

That was our rookie season.

For sure, I just expect most teams to have some sort of alternative communication. When we used to work 5 hours a week (and our robots reflected that) FIRST choice could still be sorted out with a couple of emails. It’s not as if you miss the due date you are out of luck, traditional ordering is still available.

Sorry, I meant to say effective.

Sure, with ~2900 teams the number is probably greater than 0. But how many do you think there are? And is it worth holding everyone else up?

Yes, yes it is. If the system doesn’t work for everyone, it is broken. I bet you will be able to buy whatever you need from AM the day of kickoff if a week’s delay won’t work for you.

My concern is not so much for my own team. I have the luxury of being able to overnight random parts if needed. But if a team were a little more resource constrained they might hold up some part of their build waiting for a part from FIRST Choice.

I don’t really get your argument that no team should be left behind. Wasn’t it like 1/3 of teams didn’t bother to submit a priority list the first time?