[FRC Blog] FIRST TV and IRI Coverage




Is it a pisa?


White pisa sounds like an Tuscan rapper.


FIRST has been expanding their streaming services for events the past two years as it is. They’ve added the AV equipment to more trucks, have dedicated channels set up on Twitch. I fully expect they will continue to expand these efforts.

Not knowing what you’ll get out of this, can you truly say adding 1 more truck’s worth of streaming (for what, 5-6 events that may or may not already have adequate streaming in place?) is worth not even giving this a try? For all we know, this effort was set up utilizing existing materials they already had around the office for other things, like filming the kickoff broadcast (which could still be used for those purposes when needed). If that’s the case, the cost for this is what, a little of an employee’s time?


Not sure what you are trying to point out to me here.

Jon, im not saying they shouldn’t try it. If I did, my first post would of said it. Its happening either way, and its not like im going to skip watching it. Im mainly concerned, given past “new things,” that this isint going to last, or worse, come out as a failure that will be swept under the rug.


Yes, there is actually.
Canadian bacon and pineapple, otherwise known as a Hawaiian pizza.

Hmmm… Anybody want to try a Hawaiian pizza using white pizza sauce?

Before you all go crazy, I’m intentionally poking fun at Frank’s dislike for Hawaiian pizza. Partly because with my group of friends, that’s usually the first type to disappear!


You have lizard people for friends. Beware.


Wow, and here I thought the AV system we use at our local event was overkill. :eek:


Is that “little-used corner” the same place the arcade machine was in last year’s teaser?


Don’t hate on all pizza with white sauce. Breakfast pizza is a true gift, bestowed upon us by the local gas station chain.


People complain about FRC HQ’s communication and web streaming production value.
FRC HQ makes an effort to improve communication via web streaming.
People then complain about that effort, before it even goes into effect.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Just want to give a shout out to RSN and Deejay. The pit interviews are a fabulous idea; I hope that this gets propagated through to regionals and districts.

This is the best webcast I’ve tuned into in a long, long time.


One thing I’m finding that I’m miss is the match preview that shows the 6 teams in the match along with each teams’ rankings. That was really helpful to see who was in the upcoming match and see if the match will have any affect on the final rankings. The removal of that screen plus frequently missing alliance intros is making it more difficult to watch by being thrown into a match and needing to quickly identify robots before the match starts. I’m probably in the minority, but I’d prefer that screen and alliance intros over the mid-match talk.

I do think the webcast does a great job explaining FIRST, IRI and the game to new individuals though.


The rankings going into the match is a fair concern, though I don’t doubt that the desk will talk about the bigger ones.

I hope that playoff introductions will be streamed, since those are usually more meaningful than just a lap around the field, but for quals I don’t miss it too much (especially since robot starting and player station positions are not related).

Also, I second the props for Deejay. Overall a great job for someone still pretty new to FIRST, with really only one dud segment when he tried to explain the game from the field. (And frankly, if you didn’t know the game, you’d have believed him. Solid delivery, just bad information.)


Will the contest include clues to the season? No, but we’re confident some of you will find clues buried in the announcement regardless.

Must be the most true statement I have ever read. I can’t wait to start adding to my predictions after watching this.


Don’t forget to come check out our pilot show - Tonight at 7pm EDT!



Whoa, they went overboard on that set!

jk… they need a desk to sit behind, and a new set of chairs


I thought the first FIRST TV show was solid and really got going in the Q&A section. I’d for sure tune into future episodes if they have an “Ask Frank” section where he answers some of the more hot-button FRC issues such as bag day. I was surprised that the show seems intended more for mentors than students, but I think that makes a lot of sense.


It sounded from what I read in the chat that this will be floating around the different programs. Frank and Michelle are definitely two top-notch talkers, and I hope they’ll keep skewing towards those kinds of folks in future episodes regardless of programs. :slight_smile:


I thought it was a quality program. Interesting discussion that provided some great insight into how they work, while not containing anything that teams actually needed to know. So there’s no worry of “missing out” on crucial information if you miss an episode.