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Posted on the FRC Blog, 3/01/17: firstinspires.org -- What's New? | FIRST

Site Search

FIRST recently rolled out an enhanced site search. When you use the site search, found in the upper right, remember to include quotes around your search term or phrase to improve the accuracy and relevancy of the results. Find the enhanced search helpful? Leave feedback in comments below.

Teams & Events

In the Event section of “Teams & Events”, click the “Print/View Full Team List” link to print a full list of attending teams in an easy-to-read format. You can also copy and paste the list into Excel to sort. In response to your feedback, the new list includes sponsors and schools in case you need to search by those fields.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is not only the home to game and season materials, but it also houses info on robot shipping, event expectations, volunteer roles, and promotional info about FIRST programs, to name a few.


Access the Resource Library through the Community menu.
Filters are your friends!
Use the Content Type filter and Tags filter to narrow down searches.
Each piece of content has both a Content Type and a Tag (some pieces of content may have more than one tag)
Use the search bar if you have specific terminology. Spelling counts!
Reset filters when you start a new search.

Using Filters in the Resource Library:

Using Resource Library search: