[FRC Blog] FRC Community Tools Developers Conference for FMS API

You will at Chezy Champs. :slight_smile:

Approximate locations for teams AND events. Honestly, city level data would be great.

Looking forward to (and really hoping for) positive results from this meeting. I have a feeling all the requests will overwhelm them, but FIRST has been behind the times on this, so to some degree they deserve it.

This is awesome. I don’t know how to interface with an API, but I am definitely the type of person who appreciates cool data when it becomes more accessible and detailed.

This is awesome! Scouting will get a whole lot easier!


This is something I’ve been waiting for. Looking forward to the conference.

The conference is live now, for those of you who can’t make it, I’m keeping some quick notes here

Thanks! Looking great.

Has anyone else had the meeting program lock up their machine?

Thanks for sharing your notes.

This didn’t happen to me, maybe the software is incompatible with your computer? Collin also said that he’d be releasing the audio recording of the conference, so anyone who didn’t attend can listen to it later. I can probably answer some questions as well if anyone has some.

Didn’t happen to me… I listened to the whole thing through an app on my phone - it worked out quite well, and let drive around doing other stuff I had planned for the day.

Overall, I think they’re taking the right approach with the whole project, and can’t wait to test it out.

I’m not sure why it would be incompatible with my computer. I was on using Windows 7 on a pretty average Dell laptop. On the positive side, the sound quality was good.

I’m looking forward to the recording. The notes in the Google doc were also helpful.

For those that weren’t at the online webinar, they said we should sign up on this website for announcements instead of emails:


And it looks like the first announcement is up!


Looks very nice. I’ll be exercising that in the morning.

Wouldn’t bother. Data is garbage. But it’s useful for stubbing out apps :slight_smile: Time to fire up the editor and build something.

I expect the data to be garbage at this point. Hopefully they’ll take a couple of regionals and a couple of district events from last year and republish them using the new format.

Mmk, just wanted to make sure you didn’t go into it expecting real data.

I’m pretty impressed with what’s up so far. It seems the spec covers all the data that I could feasibly want (and more!).

There’s really only two feature requests I can think of (which I’ll put up on the tracker at some point):

  • It would be nice to have a single endpoint to get all of an event’s matches, with score data when available. Currently, it seems like I’d have to do a request to get the event schedule and then do a second request for the results and overlay the two. It shouldn’t be too bad to have an endpoint just like the results one, but returns all matches and nulls out the scores for the unplayed ones.
  • Push notifications would be awesome. But I understand those aren’t a high priority at the beginning. Just keep them in mind for later while designing the system