[FRC Blog] Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Event Registration

Posted on the FRC Blog, 9/10/14: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog/friends-dont-let-friends-miss-event-registration-2015

Friends Don’t Let Friends Miss Event Registration

**Blog Date: **Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 14:01

We still have many FRC teams that have that have not completed the Youth Protection Program (YPP) screening required for them to register for events. As we’ve noted before in this blog, and blasted several times in emails, both your Main (Lead Mentor 1) and Alternate (Lead Mentor 2) Contacts must pass YPP screening before you will be able to register for your first event starting at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, September 25th. Only two weeks away!

Don’t be “That Guy or That Girl” that doesn’t get this done in time. And don’t let your friends from other teams be “That Guy or That Girl”. Are you working with a Rookie team? Do they know about this? Or do you sometimes touch base with mentors from other teams? Are they plugged into this new requirement? A quick question from you could save a team you care about some serious heartache.

As we’ve said before, processing this screening takes time. If you start it Wednesday, September 24th, it is probably too late. A great time to start would be now.

Screening is integrated into the Team Information Management System (TIMS), which you can find here: https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/site.lasso](https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/site.lasso). More details about the *FIRST *Youth Protection Program can be found here: http://www.usfirst.org/aboutus/youth-protection-program](http://www.usfirst.org/aboutus/youth-protection-program)

Just to add to this before the questions come up…inputting your SSN is NOT required nor is it required that you pay the fee. If you want to pay the fee and save FIRST the money, great, but it is not required.

Read carefully.

In addition, send the following e-mails:

As a show of good faith, FIRST should send that message on behalf of all of its volunteers, and request confirmation that the blanket opt-out is effective. Then post the confirmation to the blog and note it in TIMS.

Friends shouldn’t let friends wait for their local confirmed regional date to be up in the air 2 weeks before registration either…

Not all HQ’s fault, but I feel like it’s cutting it really close this year.