FRC Blog - Fundraising Updates – SlingShot and Bulbs


We’ve got some updates on the Slingshot film fundraiser, which I talked about here and here.

Team 144, The R.O.C.K., from Mason, Ohio, USA, has successfully sold 77 tickets at $10 each for their fundraiser, and gathered an additional $490 in donations as of today, with three days left before ticket sales close. Subtracting screening expenses, looks like they will already be raising more than $900 at this one event, with great prospects of exceeding $1,000 or more, which I expect will be a big help in covering their expenses for the season. Nice work, team!

Also, just this morning I received a note from Paul Lazarus, director/producer of this great film. He and his production company, White Dwarf Productions, are making some additional offers that may help teams with their fundraising efforts using this film. For teams having combined ticket sales and contributions of $1,000 or more, Paul and his group will send you a poster for the film autographed by the crew that may be raffled off at your screening, if you wish. For teams having combined ticket sales and contributions of $2,000 or more, Paul and his group will send you the poster and give you an opportunity to host a Q&A with Paul or another member of his team via Skype before or after your screening. Those are some nice ways to enhance the experience for your attendees, and yourselves.

We recognize that time is getting short to host a screening before Kickoff. Please recognize that you can sign up now, but host your screening whenever you would like in 2015, after build season or even after the regular competition season itself. We encourage you to sign up now if you are at all interested! I’m hearing from Paul that the financial arrangements with the screening service provider may change with the new year, and, if they change at all, we think they are not likely to get more favorable than the good deal teams are able to get now. Also, signing up now gives you plenty of time to plan the fundraiser, get the word out, and make it successful!


And, here’s more good fundraising news.

The e-watt saver fundraiser program is announcing free shipping until the 2015 FIRST Championship. Free shipping will apply to all orders shipped by FedEx Ground. On the checkout screen just pick the Ground option. No coupons or codes are required. Free shipping also applies to the Fall Bundle promotion which will be ending soon on December 24. Teams have just a few days left to take advantage of the $60 savings with the Fall Bundle. To learn how US based FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST LEGO League teams can order and sell bulbs, visit www.usfirst.usfirst/e-wattresources. Contact Mark Critz at [email protected] if you have any questions about the e-watt program.

Happy fundraising!