FRC Blog - GameSense Holiday Special

Shouldn’t FRC Kickoff and the first few weeks of build season come with its own Holiday Special? The GameSense crew thinks so. Me too.

Tune in to the GameSense Holiday Special* at 9PM Eastern on Tuesday, January 13th at I’ll be on, talking about all things Recycle Rush. Join in the chat, and ask some questions! I had a fantastic time with the GameSense crew on their post-season show last year, I can’t wait to get with them again!


*Guaranteed to be better than the Star Wars Holiday Special. Actually, guaranteed to be better than any Star Wars feature film that included Jar Jar Binks. Of which, to my traumatized memory, there were at least five.

Well everything is better with Good Guy Frank in it. Maybe we’ll get #FrankRolled again.

Unnecessary Revenge of the Sith diss by Frank.

Though, still impressed that he took the cameo into account.