[FRC Blog] Guest Blog: Screws Loose?

all I’m saying is that I too have all my email preferences set to receiving various FIRST emails but I did not receive any notifications.

clearly when the NE FIRST mentors doesn’t even know about this issues, clearly it wasn’t spread out far enough to reach all the ppl that should know.

and the title of the posting, ‘Screws Loose?’. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if it were "KoP Chassis - Loose Screws Potential Problem’???

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If it’s in your spam folder, then you may need to check your settings again. (You have checked that, right?)

I get that you’re frustrated. All I’m saying is that if a company is using every tool that they have available to get your attention, and somehow, you miss every method, is that on the company? Or is it on something in the middle that got its wires crossed? Or is there a third option?

(As a note: Blog subscription email has to be opted into from the blog page. I didn’t get any email, but I’m only subscribed to Team Update emails, by choice.)


@Nick_Lawrence Are the 1/4" drive screws preferred when attaching only pulleys to wheels because the counterbores in the pulleys have enough clearance for a 1/4" socket, but not quite enough for a 5/16" socket?

In this case I believe we did identify a gap above. FIRST should give AM contacts for teams who opt into the kitbot for the future.

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I agree… but it’s only a partial fill. (And wasn’t exactly what I was getting at–I’d class AM not having the contact info for teams using the KitBot as them not having a tool available that they need.)

-There’s a chance that teams get the KitBot and don’t use it. They wouldn’t be affected, other than getting an extra email.
-There’s another chance that says teams wanted to get the Kitbot, didn’t, and bought it through AM. This does give AM the chance to use their usual strategy of email.
-And there’s a chance that a team for whatever reason uses a KitBot, doesn’t obtain it directly through AM, and doesn’t obtain it directly through the KOP. That’s the team that would be well and truly toast–though whoever gave them the KitBot should be able to relay the info, sometimes stuff happens.

Regardless, I suspect that this won’t be an issue going forwards.

All I’m saying is that if a company is using every tool that they have available to get your attention, and somehow, you miss every method, is that on the company? Or is it on something in the middle that got its wires crossed? Or is there a third option?

Did they though? I don’t see any notification on AM’s website, I certainly didn’t see one on their Facebook page, I didn’t see a separate listing on here. The title of ‘Screws Loose?’ is meaningless (how many ppl read every single post on CD?). I’m not on Instagram/Twitter enough to know if they posted on there.

They know we have the Kit Chassis because we had to submit the form to get the missing long belts so they have no excuse on that either. [And I just got a product review request email from AM from our regular purchases]

Andy himself is active on here, they have a new product release continuning running post on here. Other employees of AM are also on here. So they couldn’t post a separated ‘hey, there might be an issue with the 2022 kit chassi’? So NO, they did not exhaust all ways possible to make sure that THEIR customers has a faulty product and need to check.

All I want is them to admit that they screwed up royally and try to make things right and improve on reaching their customers about this issue (I still don’t see anything regarding this on AM, FB, etc). And STOP trying to make excuses.

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Oh, honey…

In all reality, if your displeasure with the situation is this severe, maybe like, i dunno, contact Andymark directly to discuss the situation. I have personally found that discussing potential issues with any vendor goes much smoother when flaming them online isn’t involved. People make mistakes. They’re trying to fix it and make it right for you. The guys & gals out in Kokomo aren’t trying to make your robot explode, I promise you that.

And for what it’s worth, as much as you keep dangling the carrot in front of them- they’re not gunna reply to you and make you look right here. Because you’re not. I’d bet a fair sum of money they’d reply to a nice respectful email to discuss why you feel this was a problem and how to fix it in the future, though.


I’m not going to keep replying here because I don’t think it will help, but I will say that if people are lead mentors or senior mentors and they aren’t active on CD or reading the blog actively, then they need to add that to their routine.

FWIW the blog post on FIRST social media specifies what the topic is. I agree that the title could have been more informative, but you’re coming off as a bit unreasonable and not very understanding now.

I will also verify that the post is not on AM’s Facebook page, but I didn’t check other social media. @Nick_Lawrence @Andy_Baker that should be an easy low hanging fruit to post to in order to get the word out before week 5 events.


And when you’re on the blog website itself, it appears like this:

Seems this is only really an issue with the CD post of the blog.

we recognized it as a problem on our robot during the quarterfinals of our last comp. now we are scrambling trying to fix it before FIM championship.

Even though I looked here every few days, I didn’t see the original thread until well after it happened to us. As you said before, it should have been stickied. That said, it was on the CD mods to do it, not AM.

A technical problem on a drive train I’m using would certainly catch my attention