[FRC Blog] Hot Downloads Now and More!

Marshall, you’ve been called out.

Hmm… guess it could have been more regular…

~133 pages, so similar to last year’s 135. Take that as you will.

Why are the evergreen drawings password protected?

The game pieces are Doughnuts?

2011 repeat confirmed

Some standard pieces may be missing…or not…

How did you get the estimation? It appears that they encrypted the metadata as well as the contents of the files.

2018 FRC Control System Software

All FRC Control System Software has been posted and is now available for download. Note that you will need the encryption key from the Kickoff broadcast to access the NI Update Suite to get anything running on a roboRIO, but all other content is unencrypted. You can find a quick guide to what to grab for installation later here.

What is the link to download the encrypted control system software?

Whatever reason some programs (such as mac’s built in Preview application) show the length of the PDF, despite it still being encrypted. I can see the length of all of them, but I’m getting 133 rather than 134.

go to the blog, the summary above is missing the link.

Definition of Evergreen: A few games manage to retain enough users to be considered profitable for many years. They are called evergreens. Evergreens survive by being passed on.

Interesting. Wonder if this is the name of a certain zone on the field or perhaps a goal to be reached similar to 4 rotors.

This is correct, sorry. I was counting the number of occurrences of “page” in the raw file. I forgot that would also pick up “pages”, which is different.

I think you are going to be disappointed when you find out what it means.

My guess is that the “Evergreen” field drawings are the drawings of the field assembly that are being reused from previous years, including the driver station walls and the walls/gates of the field, while everything new added by Power Up is in the other drawings.

Great looks like I’m looking into it too much. Not like I do that too often

Maybe here - I didn’t actually check to see if this is the correct link

Yes, pretty much this. Last year, the game manual spun off the “evergreen” rules onto the web site; this is extending it to the field drawings.

The links and directions are on this page. The NI 2018 suite redirects you to a NI that you have to create an account to get to. No biggie, but a few extra steps.