[FRC Blog] Important Dates

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As a consequence of the problems we’ve had with the event registration system, we’re making some changes to our originally planned registration dates. Please see a list of important dates below. The FRC calendar is being updated with this new information.

District teams, registration for your 2nd District event will open at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, October 13th.

Regional teams, registration for your 2nd Regional event (if you are planning to attend a 2nd event) will open at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, October 20th.

Not sure if you are a District or Regional team? Check here.

All teams, Kit and Kickoff Registration, along with Founder’s Reception Registration, will open at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 18th.

Prequalified Team Registration for Championship, along with Veteran Team Waitlist Registration for Championship, will open at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, October 27th. Prequalified Teams are those that have already earned their way to the 2017 Championships. We will have more information regarding how the waitlist will work for the Championships shortly.

Please note: there are no changes to the registration payment due dates shown here.

All other dates are currently anticipated to remain the same.

This information is also being shared with all teams via email blast.


Wish Frank would let us know when events will be updated with registered teams. Still getting this…

This official archived site is working.

You can use http://archive.usfirst.org/whats-going-on to see what teams are registered for certain events. In the case of Alamo this would be the link to the team list http://archive.usfirst.org/whats-going-on/event/22567/teams?ProgramCode=FRC


I still use the archived site most of the time… I still haven’t figured out how to fully navigate the new site.

Looks like it’s back!

This link appears to show the competing teams: https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2017/TXSA

Does anyone know when Championship hotel registration will open this year, and how it will be handled? It was a little bit shaky (and highly competitive) last year. I wonder if anything will be different.

Houston regularly handles events much larger than FIRST championship.
Reserve hotels early and book again if FIRST has a better deal.

Who decided the order of locations in the kit and kickoff registration system? It looks random, but I suspect it’s the order in which the kickoff locations were confirmed? Why is the maximum number people allowed to attend 19? Last year the maximum allowed was 50 (which my team still exceeded, but still…).

I get that FIRST was dealing with a much bigger problem over the last month with the competition registration debacle, but the order really does make it confusing to find your desired kickoff location. Indianapolis has 2 locations, but they are separated by a page of scrolling. Thankfully I know the specific event my team is going to, but if I didn’t, I might not even know there was a choice.

My team was only allowed 38 slots at our kickoff (TN - University of Tennessee). Ideally, I would have put 50 because that’s about how many my team will send. I know that UT can handle the capacity. I thought but wasn’t sure that it was attached to number of students & mentors registered for the team, but our team only has about 20 registered as of now.

From what I understand the capacity is determined by the max capacity listed by the host divided by the team capacity.

Regardless as to how it is determined you should not plan to bring more than you are allowed because that might mean that another team does not have enough room to fit despite only bringing the allowed amount. When you take up more than your allotted share you do so by “stealing” part of another teams allotted share.


Many venues only have so many seats, so we have to make a limit to ensure everyone has a seat. Usually, it is capacity/teams, with a little fudge factor for volunteers/VIPs/stragglers/etc.

Source: Two years as a Kickoff coordinator.

That actually makes some amount of sense. I’ve already been in contact with the kickoff organizers, so it’s not really an issue.

Well, five or so hours later I looked at it again and the system let me go up from 38 to 50. UTK has their kickoff in a massive auditorium that is never full so that’s why this was confusing to me. Not sure about other kickoffs

Hey, it changed for me too! I successfully entered “51” this evening. Thanks for the observed behavior change update.

kit and kickoff registration

Is this the end all list or will there be more added over time? Seems our regular place is not listed.

I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing it or if it hasn’t been announced yet but my questions are:

When does the 3rd district event registration open?
When does inter district play registration open?
When can a district team sign up for a regional?

Thank you.

#1 and #2 are explicit on the FRC Calendar.

When does the 3rd district event registration open? 11/3
When does inter district play registration open? 11/10

Your third isn’t addressed that I can see either.