[FRC Blog] Important Deadlines Coming Up!

Posted by Frank Merrick on the FRC Blog 10/16/17

Important Deadlines Coming Up!
Written by Frank Merrick.


Second Round of Event Preferencing
As we said in this blog, the second round of event preferencing is now open and closes this Thursday, October 19th, at Noon Eastern Time. Please be sure to get your second preferences submitted by then! We can’t accept late preferences because it delays the entire process as well as being unfair to teams that met the deadline. If you don’t know when Noon Eastern Time is in your part of the world, try this tool.

We will be releasing event assignment results within three or four hours of preference closing.

Drive Base Opt Out: Take 2
As we said in this blog, we are extending Drive Base Opt Out for Veteran Teams to this Friday, October 20th, at Noon Eastern Time. Teams have a chance to confirm their preferences and change their minds if they want. Canadian teams, there’s special information for you in that blog, please read it carefully!

Happy preferencing everyone!


I think Frank is trolling us with the entire stair climbing endgame thing.

Otherwise that is the most obvious game hint ever.

I really hope they are just playing us with those stairs; otherwise, that would be the most obvious hint we’ve ever had

Touching the flag gives an extra ranking point :smiley:

It has to be like the “airships” of Steamworks - a game element that is important thematically but not interacted with in the real world sense of the object. Maybe scoring is going to move our alliance’s “character” up a set of stairs - reaching the top of the stairs gives an RP?

Perhaps a ramp that you must go up, but the side of the ramp has a picture of a set of stairs, so it represents climbing a set of stairs.

They’re predicting Einstein Finals 3. A team is climbing the stairs and going to touch the flag, but runs out of time and loses the match for their alliance.

Y’all are too meta. There will be stairs this year, I’ll bet you a Pepsi

6" stairs if they want to have some real retro fun.

You realize that is a mini bot tower?

Minibot stairs???

No, the pole. Stairs were several years previously (and Travis forgot the 2" stairs–that nobody used except 190).

Referenced games are 2011 (minibot tower) and 2004 (stairs).

Yes, that I know. But I am proposing a potential endgame for 2018.

I did not forget those puny “stairs”. They were unworthy of the designation. That was a corduroy ramp.

We know it’s a minibot tower because the character dies upon approaching it, not knowing the concept of forcing teams to spend unmentionable amounts of money on FTC parts was hazardous to one’s health. Quite the tragedy.

The screen also displays “time up” to signify that some other team has managed to build a faster minibot (found lighter switches to use) and got it up first, giving them the higher score.

I’d actually really like to see minibots return without the tetrix restrictions, and more sane point allocations.


In all seriousness, a staircase would make a pretty sweet endgame bonus with different points depending on how high you climb.

Lastly, anyone remember the fireworks bonus for grabbing the flag with time ending in either a 6 or a 1…

After dealing with the ropes last year, I predict that FIRST has taken input from the inspectors and will not be giving us something to inspect that is not a part of the robot. So, no minibots.

Minibots with ropes…(shudder)

But that jump you have to make from the top of the stairs … :ahh: