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Posted on the FRC Blog 5/9/19 by Frank Merrick.

Kendrick Castillo

Written by Frank Merrick.
Kendrick Castillo

Wednesday morning, we learned that the individual killed during the recent school shooting was one of our own, Kendrick Castillo, a senior on FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4418, STEM IMPULSE from Colorado, USA. He was in his final week of high school and had plans to study engineering in college. Reports have emerged of Kendrick rushing the gunman and likely preventing additional deaths. He is being rightly hailed as a hero.

I don’t have the words for this blog. They are all too small to encompass how senseless this all is, our pain for Kendrick’s family, team, and community, and how much it hurts for us to lose a wonderful FIRST family member most of us didn’t even know we had.

FIRST has created a fund to support Kendrick’s family, his team, and his community. You can find the link here.


Not to be confused with the Inspire Blog posted today by Don Bossi.

This thread is just to track the blog post. A discussion on the situation is already happening here: In memorial of Kendrick Castillo


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