[FRC Blog] Kickoff Broadcast and Game Hint Redux

Also, I don’t think the poem that they tweeted actually means anything. I think it’s just referring to the blog post that came after, and saying “Okay, the first hint was hard. We’ll clarify it with the next one.”

The assist idea really is the way to go, I think. Some sort of Coopertition. Hmmmm

My apologies. They seem to have some insight at times. As I said, I could be completely wrong and it could be complete coincidence. It would appear that I am.

So it is baseball because that is the only sport that has assists that they did not list (well that and water polo but I think baseball makes more sense)

I agree. A hockey game would be too close to Lunacy.

The Limerick seems to refer to the clarifications in the number clue.

The data format change from Year-Month-Day to Month-Year-Day. They put it in a format more commonly used in the United States.

Changing from “/” to “:” also helps to show a relationship vs. an operand.

Coopertition is one of the core tenets of FIRST, not (necessarily) a game element.

Also, **Woodie.

Editing, because I had something to add as I continued reading the thread.

Anything that isn’t released AS A HINT isn’t worth analyzing. As Frank said in his post, you’re all trying to hard. “There are no game clues in this photo” means THERE ARE NO GAME CLUES IN THIS PHOTO. Focus on the actual hints released and not on the peripheral social media posts. (Especially those not posted by actual FIRST accounts…Lookin’ at you, @FakeGDC!)

For the most part, FIRST’s social media accounts are run by separate staff from FRC/Game Design - the posts like the kickoff-filming photo and the limerick are for fun, not to throw people off or add more things to analyze to the already-ridiculous frenzy on CD.

Exhibit A:

It’s a twitter post. It’s not a hint.

3 Separate zones on the field. Robots may not cross zones. Dividers separate the zones to prevent robot passage, but allow the game pieces to move between zones, very similar to breakaway.

And these:

I also think it is funny that people are still thinking there is something to do with Dr . Who. The blog post clearly said there is nothing involving Dr . Who.

Wasn’t very clear. His message keeps repeating, so don’t know if Dr Who is a hint or not until you find the limit of the function at the end of the repeating series.

Looks like the clue takes some calculus to solve.

For those of you who think this might be hockey based…there are pucks made for playing on carpet…


Can you not see 3 posts ahead of yours, or am I just imagining it?

We still need to focus on the assist part because it is the closest thing we have. What sports are there assists in? Who is the all time assist leader out of any sport?

My method was to “simply” google the rhyming words +hockey to connect with my guess of hockey,mentioned in an earlier post in the thread, but I think Libby is right on this one.

I would guess that the game is divided into three hockey zones, by some obstacle, that each member of the individual alliance has to stay in for the main portion of the match or occur an “off-sides” technical foul. I’m guessing it will be a lot like breakway as far as the auto and main game go. Teams will probably not be able to “collect and shoot” the game pieces like the last two years. I think that the end game will be a lot like Rack n roll such that each zone having a lifted robot will receive bonus points and the middle being “somewhat” like 2012, no sure what but something will change a bit. For eliminations having two lifted robots will be even more bonus points.
I’m going to laugh at how wrong I am after kickoff, but it is fun to speculate. :smiley:

FakeGDC has released some legitimate hints in the past.
And would you really put it past FIRST to NOT do something like FakeGDC?


I would be somewhat disappointed to have a Breakaway-like field. I like the open spaces with fast moving robots (2011, 2013 come to mind) much better. It just feels very limiting with these kind of barriers and obstructive to a game.

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Not even a little bit.

FakeGDC is not a FIRST account. FIRST only puts official releases through @FIRSTweets, @FRCteams (and other program accounts) and the FRC blog.

Seriously, stop.

oops…i went right to the last page in the thread (i had read the others earlier) Tom Line has a
link for a carpet puck, but not the link i posted and thats three ahead of mine.

If you just look at their past tweets, even if they seem like general comments, they have a correlation to the game. Like ‘thanks for the assist.’
I don’t know. I’m probably just grasping for straws at this point - and probably succumbing to the pre-insanity of the season.

@FakeGDC is run by a FIRST student simply being amused by the pre-kickoff insanity and making fun of it. He knows as much about this years game as anyone else. The only things you can think of as game hints come from official FIRST sources (as Libby stated).