[FRC Blog] Kit of Parts Survey and New Ideas

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Kit of Parts Survey and New Ideas

**Blog Date: **Friday, May 16, 2014 - 08:43

Kit of Parts Survey

Please don’t forget to fill out that Kit of Parts survey! You can find it here. We really do use it to make sure we’re delivering the best possible value in the kit to FRC teams.

Another Great Idea from the Community

I love to see new, exciting ideas from the community. Did you see this? Some fine folks are working to create sort of an off-season league, using existing off-season events, which they are calling the Colonial Robotics Championship (CRC). If I understand it correctly, the way things are currently envisioned, teams earn points at the first two off-season events they attend, if those events have opted in. The team with the most points after the last off-season event is played is declared Champion, and gets a trophy. A real trophy, not a virtual trophy, because virtual trophies are hard to put in your trophy cabinet. Please note this is just my understanding of the plan. I’m sure if you post questions on the CRC thread, the CRC organizers will respond – at least they have been so far!

This idea is bacon*. More, please.


*The word bacon is, of course, a noun, but I’m using it as an adjective, because a single part of speech is incapable of containing its tasty goodness.

Maybe instead of free corndogs, we should be asking for free bacon? :rolleyes:

Well Florida already has more than the pan can handle so we can provide if need be :smiley:

Thanks, but I prefer my bacon WITHOUT the TNT (outside of competitions, anyway :))

I love Frank.

On of our mentors works for a company who makes bacon, we actually sent some cases down south.

How long until there is a “bacon is a game hint” Thread? 3, 2, 1…

Thank you again! That was such a nice treat for the team during the last weekend of build. It made the long nights much more palatable. :smiley:

Glad it was enjoyed! I haven’t even had any yet. Maybe tomorrow at the Ohio FRC State Championship