[FRC Blog] Kit of Parts Survey Prizes

No CADathon stops me from posting these:

Posted on the FRC Blog, 8/3/2017: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/Kit-of-Parts-Survey-Prizes

Kit of Parts Survey Prizes
Written by Jamee Luce, FRC Team Advocate

Thanks for everyone who participated in the Kit of Parts Survey this season. We have shared your initial feedback with our suppliers, and we are following up with individual reports throughout August.

We are excited to announce we had 893 responses to the survey, which included representation from more than 480 of our teams.

Now it’s time to announce the prize winners! Congratulations to the following teams! You can expect to receive your prizes in the next few weeks, depending on how far you are from our HQ here in Manchester.

Team 401: 1 Compressor
Team 418: 2 Rev Robotics Spark motor controllers
Team 2992: 1 CTR Electronics Power Distribution Panel
Team 3297: 1 Netbook
Team 3419: 1 Microsoft Kinect
Team 3952: 1 box of FIRST STEAMWORKS fuel
Team 4306: 1 National Instruments RoboRIO
Team 4653: 1 Innovation First, Inc. VexPRO Motor Box (containing 2 CIM motors, 1 BAG motor, & 1 Mini-CIM motor)
Team 4920: 1 roll of 3M VHB tape
Team 5563: 5 FIRST STEAMWORKS gears
If you missed the opportunity to provide feedback, you still can send any ideas to [email protected].