[FRC Blog] LIVE Founder's Reception Broadcast

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**LIVE Founder’s Reception Broadcast

Written by FIRST Staff, 2015 Dec 30
Back by popular demand: The Live Broadcast from Founder’s Reception on January 8th – You are all invited!

The Founder’s Reception is a night for FIRST to thank and celebrate our amazing mentors, and is hosted by FIRST Founder Dean Kamen in his amazing home. Since many mentors never get to experience this event first hand, we’re once again bringing the event to you LIVE! The stream starts on Friday, January 8, 2016 at 7:00 PM EST. The FIRST community can tune into the broadcast from the Founder’s Reception. Hear from veteran and rookie mentors about their expectations for the upcoming season, from FIRST sponsors about why it’s important for them to be involved, and we’ll also have special “last night before Kickoff” interviews with FIRST staff and supporters. Keep an eye out for when we announce a present that will be included in the Kit of Parts for all 2016 FRC Teams!

Don’t miss it. Tune in to the streaming webcast.

Surprised no one has made a big deal about: “Keep an eye out for when we announce a present that will be included in the Kit of Parts for all 2016 FRC Teams!”
I have a feeling we may be seeing something like the kinnect in 2012 or ir sensor in 2008 :]

Or you could wait about 18 hours and just find out when you open the KoP?

This is the instant gratification era- 18 hours is like 2 build seasons :stuck_out_tongue:
(I’m curious what the present is, but it seems a bit strange to show it less than a day before kickord)

Solid prediction…what will it be?

(Alternatively, maybe the present is a voucher for free travel to a beach to do drive practice for the water game…yes, it’s that time of the year again.)

My bet is on the Microsoft HoloLens:

I hadn’t seen this video before, and it’s awesome. If you start at about 7 minutes you can seen some implementation of the device for the Mars rovers. I think you have figured out our present.

With an estimated cost of $1,000-$1,500 ($500 as a very optimistic one), I don’t think so (would be cool though!).

$500 sounds very optimistic, not particularly conservative to me.

I’d love to see FIRST teams with HoloLens, but my guess is it won’t happen until it’s a fully commercial product.

Sorry, had a goof! :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly, dealing with a prototype product would probably cause more confusion than anything else. You’d have a lack of proper support (unless Microsoft decides to donate that too), it’d have bugs, and the product might not be able to last a build season. Just some stuff to consider :]

I’m gonna go with green pool noodles as the gift (water game?)