FRC Blog - Luke Arm and Off-Season Events

Luke Arm FDA Approved

Dean’s ‘Luke Arm’ recently received FDA approval! Check out the details here.

Off-Season Events

Please see the note below from Hannah Foust, FRC Program Coordinator. In addition to many other things, Hannah is responsible for handling Off-Season events from a headquarters perspective:

Although the official 2014 FRC Season has ended, I want to recognize the folks who are busy getting ready for the many Off-Season Events. Although these are not official FRC events, Off-Seasons play an important part in making FIRST louder.

To give you an idea of how big the Off Season is, here are some numbers. In 2013, there were approximately 60 scheduled Off-Season Events. These events took take place mid-May to Mid-November, for a period of about 28 weeks. During this time, there were only 5 weeks when there no-Off Season Events taking place. And for over half of the Off-Season, there were two or more events scheduled on the same weekend! The 2014 Off-Season is looking to be just as busy as last year, so I hope you take the opportunity to find events in your area.

Here are 5 reasons you should participate in an Off-Season Event:

  1. Practice for returning Team Members or start training new Team Members
  2. Invite Sponsors to see your team and robot in action
  3. Use as a tool to recruit new Mentors or Team Members
  4. More opportunities to network with teams and learn from each other
  5. It’s fun! You worked hard on building and designing your robots- take the opportunity to show them off a little more.

FRC works to post all Off-Season Events to the FRC Calendar. If you’d like your Off-Season Event posted to the calendar, be sure to follow the instructions posted here.

If you’re looking to host an Off-Season Event for the first time, take a look at FRC’s Off Season Event Criteria and Considerations page. You might also want to take a look at AndyMark’s 2014 Off-Season Event page, especially for folks in the Midwest or Southern Regions.

We’re also looking into new ways to increase recognition for Off-Season Events, so stay posted. Thank you for a great 2014 Season, and good luck to everyone in the Off Season!


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23 out of 28 weeks there was an off season event. I guess I wasn’t as dedicated as I thought I was doing nine events last year. I need to pick up my game!

  1. Train new volunteers - some who may be on teams.
  1. Demonstrate a few of the most positive qualities of district events to a region that lacks them.
  1. Relieve some of that post-competition withdrawal.
  1. Train future drivers.
  2. Eat corn dogs.
  3. Train future drivers.

Edit: #1 kind of covers this but doesn’t specify to mean drive team members.