[FRC Blog] More on Volunteer Roles... Even Though You Didn’t Ask :)

Thank you for your post Fiona and clarifying FIRST’s process and reasoning. I hope this puts folks at ease.

I am glad to hear the reasoning behind the decision. And I appreciate FIRST’s promptness in giving that reasoning to us.

Thank you.

I’d like to shadow the person who answered Q183 so I can ask them about their obsession with Merriam-Webster. Where do I sign up?

That’s probably not a volunteer position. ::rtm::

I have been informed by Frank that it is a paid position.

Granted, it’s a FIRST position so that explains why Merriem-Webster and not my favorite, the OED.

I love the title: “Even Though You Didn’t Ask :)”

This would never have been included if not to hint at the fact that

So no volunteer casino night? Darn.

An official volunteer shadowing program is a super great solution to this. I can’t wait to see more details in November.

The blog post probably never would have been created without the thread. The titles of both blog posts seem kinda unnecessary.

While it was offseason, we had two MCs-in-training shadowing Daniel Eiland at Red Stick Rumble (so Daniel announced). Each of them also made a few announcements and introduced some matches.

Shadowing has existed before but it has been somewhat, forgive me, in the shadows. Just because you shadowed so and so role at so and so regional didn’t mean that a VC would accept that as being enough training never mind having it show up as a past volunteer role on VIMS. But it’s great to see off season event doing it too.

As an FTA somewhat comically told me this season: “Y’know I’m getting into my late twenties, I won’t be able to do this much longer so I have to train the next generation.”

Some volunteering roles don’t shadow. We’ll see if that changes in November.

That being said, if I’m lead ref at an offseason, I allow shadows, at least for a short time period. Usually, though, I have enough problems getting folks in the stripes in the first place, so they end up learning on the fly…

This is so true. Myself, I’m close to entering my 2nd decade of FIRST and the life cycle of volunteers are pretty much that. Graduate from your team, volunteer at a few events during college (generally, I know of many who mentor teams, run events etc…), graduate college, get a job, get married and we see them fade away to raise a family. Which is perfectly fine. Just don’t forget to train your replacement. And don’t forget to come back with your own kids into FIRST Lego League Jr in 5 years.